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Run Hard or Go Home

May 16, 2013 | Running | 5 comments

At the end of a race you want to feel like you have given it your all, put in every ounce of effort you have and pushed yourself past the point of comfort. If you’ve done that, then no matter the time on the clock, you should be pleased with yourself. You may feel that you haven’t done enough training, that the course was too hilly, that you didn’t eat the right thing or hydrate fully, but knowing that you did the best you could on that day, all factors included, you should feel proud.

Your best is good enough.

During the She Runs Windsor 10K last week, I really pushed myself during the final 2km, thinking ‘will I regret it if I don’t give it my all’.

So I did, I pushed myself to run as hard as I could down the final stretch, even though it turned out to be waaay longer than it looked (note to self, downhill can be deceptive.)

I crossed the finish line proud of my time and my fitness, knowing I couldn’t have done any more. As my first 10K race, I was aiming for a sub 1 hour time, so was thrilled with 56.54. And to have race photos that actually show that I am running!

On Monday evening, it was the last Nike and Elle run club. It was also miserable weather and I’d had a long day at work. I texted Leah to say I was feeling tired and that my sofa was calling to me!

I love having friends to run with on a Monday night, to stop me from bailing out. When you’re meeting up with someone to work out with, it makes you accountable and wussing out is not an option. No matter the weather. I know that on Monday evening I would not have pushed myself out of the door to run if I hadn’t been doing it with others.

As it happens, we were enjoying a taper week at Nike Run club, completing 5K as a large group.

And the sun came out.

But there weren’t any brownies.

I am so glad I went for that run. I got to catch up with friends, stretch out my legs, enjoy Regent’s Park in the sunshine, and above all, feel good about myself.

Sometimes it’s important to have a recovery run, to run slow, cross-train, stretch or even have a rest day. But other times it’s better to get out there and run hard. Give it everything you have. Make yourself proud. 

What do you tell yourself in order to get yourself out of the door to go for a run? Do you bribe yourself with brownies? (That definitely works for me!)

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  1. Victoria Brandon

    Well done you staying off the sofa! I have done an hour on the push bike this morning, so enjoying my coffee now. Tea time cookie will also be savoured….


    “There might be brownies” is pretty much the reason I get out of bed every morning.

  3. Leah

    I love how the thought of brownies got us there, but really we were so happy to have gone running that we didn’t even care that there weren’t brownies after all.

    I think we might have to schedule Monday night runs regardless of training groups?! Keep us at it? I love having buddies to run with!

  4. Zoe M

    Can I just say – I’m very impressed that you manage to wear trendy sunglasses whilst running… mine are ugly and sporty, but the only things that stay on my face!

    P.S. the thought of not doing well in a race pushes me to train harder + it means I can justify all the food I eat!

  5. Cindy

    Brownies are always a good motivator. 🙂


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