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Taking a Run Class at Peloton Live Studios, London

Oct 16, 2022 | Cross Training, Lifestyle | 2 comments

I’ve had my Peloton bike for nearly two years and whilst I don’t use it as often as I did due to marathon training, I still love it. As well as the bike classes, I’ve also taken a number of running classes either outside or on my (non-Peloton) tread at home. 

My friend Susie became a Peloton instructor about a year ago. And whilst I’ve done many of her running classes virtually, I really wanted to get to the London Peloton studio to do an in person run with her before the baby was due in Nov, knowing that getting into London for a workout is going to be a little bit harder for a while! Susie kindly got me a space in one of her Sat AM classes – a 45 minutes 90s run!

Taking a Run Class at Peloton Live Studios

Taking a Run Class at Peloton Live Studios, London

Prior to arriving at the studio, you are sent an email which explains that you should arrive 45 mins to 1 hour prior to class, that there is complimentary shoe hire. And also points you to their age, height and weight requirements (I was a little shocked at this! – you have to be between 4ft11 and 6ft4-5 and under 297lbs/135kg to take the tread or ride classes, and be over 14 years old). 

I had thought there might be a dress code suggestion but turns out everyone just wears their Peloton gear (I missed that memo!).  

You really do get a behind the scenes look at the studio. With glass booths showing the directors and multiple monitors/cameras that are required for the filming of the workouts. When I was at the studios, they had a ride and a strength workout being filmed before our run class. 

Upon entering the studio, you can pick your own treadmill – however, the staff can move you!

I was moved from one side of the studio to the other – unsure why! But also put in the firing line of the cameras – I am excited/dreading watching that run class back! 

It started off with Susie chatting to us, before they filmed some intros and took photos for screenshot options. I was surprised you were allowed to take phones in with you. And take photos before and after class on the treads. My friend Becs works as the studio manager there. And due to a no-show was able to hop in for the class too. 

Taking a Run Class at Peloton Live Studios

I could see Susie’s screen during my run. And it made me realise just how fit these instructors have to be to talk, pump up the other runners and maintain a decent pace all under the studio lights. It was HOT in there! Susie and I were running the same pace for most of the workout. Only I was not trying to talk, and I hadn’t run 20+ miles the day before.  It turned out as it was my first time on a Peloton tread that it counted mine as a PB run! 

In our class was a couple that were over from Colorado and she was on her 600th run. There were also a few other runners gearing up for the London Marathon which was fun. And we got a post-class shout out from Susie. 

I came away from the class wanting a Peloton tread for the feedback on pace/effort and energy. And also planning my next group class! 

Peloton live class at London Studios

How much does a Peloton Class cost? 

They are £25 (or $35 in the New York studio) 

How to sign up for a Peloton live class at London Studios? 

Classes don’t seem to be released on a set schedule yet so it’s worth keeping an eye on the website. Currently they are only doing live classes a few days a week. And sign ups seem to open roughly 3 weeks in advance. The rides sell out almost immediately whereas it seems to be a little easier to get into a run class – check out the options here. 

Do you have to have a Peloton membership to take a class? 

No! They have studio accounts that you can sign in on so you don’t have to have the monthly subscription to take a class (although I do personally use it for a lot more than just running and ride classes – I take a lot of pre and post run stretch classes and hope to do more strength and yoga in the coming months). 

Charlie at Peloton Live Studios

Let me know if you have any other questions about the Peloton London studios! And if anyone has the Peloton tread – please could you convince Tom that we need it! 


  1. Cindy

    The classes go live at 5pm BST/GMT and the ones in NYC are live at the same time!

    I took one of Susie’s classes 2 weekends ago and have no idea how she managed a HIIT and hills run right after running the Royal Parks half!

    • Charlie Watson

      ooh thanks so much for letting me know – will need to try to be online to sign up for a dec friends ride when I’m back!


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