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Rumble with Sweaty Betty

Jan 21, 2016 | Uncategorized | 6 comments

I’ve been going to Sweaty Betty free in-store classes for years, way back in the day when fitness wasn’t as cool or popular as it is now, and you could nab a spot at the Chiswick bootcamp by calling the store on the day – or just showing up, usually with my Mum in tow.

Fast forward 6 years and you now need to be an eager beaver and log in to the site at midnight (or crazy early morning) to get a place in their popular Get Fit for Free workouts.

This Jan/Feb Sweaty Betty have partnered with 1Rebel (one of my favourite London studios) to bring their boxing class, Rumble, to stores around the country. Get ready to sweat…

Sweaty Betty Rumble

A group of us were invited down to SB HQ in Fulham to test out the new workout before it hits stores next week. I arrive fashionably late due to the ever reliable London transport system during rush hour, and thought I would just have to watch from the sidelines. Luckily/sadly this wasn’t the case, and I was thrown into the workout part way through, really testing my co-ordination skills.

I tucked myself in the back with some other running blogger friends that I hoped would have similar boxing skills as I do- not the case. Sophie is a hardcore boxing machine and looked fierce with her french plait – at least I avoided kicking her.

Sweaty Betty Rumble class

Sophie Rumble Sweaty Betty class

Even without a bag to punch, you soon work up quite a sweat, not to mention sore arms and shoulders from the constant bouncing around and throwing punches. I liked that the workout was set to awesome upbeat music that made me feel very hardcore, and had a bell every few minutes to signal the end of the round.

As well as going through a number of punching and kicking routines – jab, jab, punch, jab etc we took our workout to the floor for the ab section…

Sweaty Betty rumble class

Lastly we were given a minute to punch and kick ‘the shit out of it’ – do whatever you want, go wild. Our trainer pulled out some epic moves…

Sweaty Betty Rumble Class

If you live or work close by to an SB shop, I highly recommend setting yourself an alarm and signing up for one of these classes. If you don’t live close by or can’t make it to a class, there’s also going to be a video of the workout so that you can follow along at home! The high intensity class works the entire body, plus it will show you a lot of moves that you can take with you to the gym or boxing class.

Sign up now for classes starting next week! 

Let me know if you manage to make it along to a class or complete the workout at home – you can tag the workout #SBknockout. I’m also off to test out the new boxing class at KOBOX next week, so am hoping the skills I’ve picked up will be handy!


  1. Mickey

    I went to my first Boxing class on Tuesday, and I’m not even kidding yesterday I couldn’t move my arms! I had to get my other half to help me get my backpack and coat off – not cool! Still agony today, haha! Definitely used muscles in my shoulders/chest/arms that I never knew I had! This class looks great – hopefully I manage to get a space on one of the classes!

    • charlotte

      HAHA oh no! We’ve all been there, I once fell down the stairs after a spinning class!

  2. Loz

    It was with Mila!! I love her, she’s the best. xx

  3. Zoe at Splodz Blogz

    I love this idea, and the fact that the classes are free is brilliant! Definitely want to try boxing.

  4. Scallywag (@ScallywagSprint)

    Sophie looks awesome – does she box a lot? I went to Muay Thai last night and I’m knackered! Off to try out this class on Wednesday so I’m glad you enjoyed!

  5. Thomson Chinese Medicine

    Sorry if I just drop by to your blog article.
    You fitness work-out is pretty interesting hoping I could do that also.


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