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Rooftop Hike Stockholm

Jun 6, 2016 | Active Travel, Hiking | 1 comment

stockholm rooftop hiking

Stockholm Rooftop HIking

They say that to see the best of Stockholm, you should see if from the rooftops or the water. On my recent trip to the city we were lucky enough to experience both.

On our first night in Stockholm we were harnessed up and taken to the roof of the Kammarrättens hus. Lucky none of us on the trip were scared of heights – this is NOT one for those with even mild vertigo.

Rooftop Hiking Stockholm

Rooftop Hiking Stockholm

The guides led us out onto the narrow walkway – these tours run year round, no matter if it’s snowing, raining, or freezing. The only stipulation is that it is light enough to see the track and ladders. I certainly wouldn’t want to be up there in bad weather or darkness!

Luckily, the weather was on our side and it was a balmy 30 degrees Celsius. Due to the Sweden’s northern location, during the Summer the sun doesn’t set until 10pm-ish so although we weren’t up there for sunset, we did get to spend ‘golden hour’ admiring the cityscape.

Stockholm Rooft

Stockholm Rooftop Hiking

The building that you walk on top is located in Riddarholmen, part of the Old Town. The old palaces are primarily used for Courts and office buildings now, but it used to be the heart of the city. It also boasts the church where old Royal family and nobility are buried.

The reason you can see so far is that for the last 40+ years there has been a ban on building structures with more than 8 floors, protecting the skyline (sadly this has had to be revoked due to housing shortages).

It was the perfect way to see the city and get our bearings, plus learn a little about the history of the place. We had fab tour guides who were so passionate about their job. Highly recommend adding this to your Stockholm itinerary if you don’t have an issue with heights! Stockhold Rooftop tour. 

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