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Nov 20, 2011 | Running | 0 comments

I did it!! I successfully ran my first 5K race (actually my first real race), and managed to achieve my goal of completing it within 30 mins. As it was my first 5K I also PR’d! Whooo.

My mum was kind enough to come with me and my step-dad and take photos! It was seriously foggy this morning, which made finding the start line pretty difficult in Finsbury Park, luckily a kind volunteer pointed us in the right direction. We collected our t-shirts, antlers and flashing noses!!! I made the mistake of leaving my running number and ID at home so had to collect a new one, luckily they still let me race! We posed in our costumes before taking the antlers and noses off and stashing them away, I was not running in them- although quite a few people did. We took part in the group warm up and made our way to the start line. The race wasn’t exactly a serious one, so we didn’t have personal chips, and started when someone said ‘Ready, set, GO’. I hit my garmin as I crossed the start line.

The race was 2 laps of the park, all signposted with arrows, although there were enough people running it that we were able to follow those ahead of us. I set myself the goal of keeping under 10min mile pace for the whole race- something I mostly achieved. Unfortunately a pretty large unanticipated hill slowed my pace down to 11.30 for the duration of the incline! Somehow despite slowing down, we managed to pass quite a few people on the two uphill stretches.

Loved the back of the running tops. I think my wild hair makes me look like I’m running really fast. I’m not.

It was such a good motivator having my Mum standing taking photos at various points on the course as I made sure to smile and look like I was having a good time when I saw her. We were really impressed that she managed to be at so many points en route.
I ran with Dave, my Step-Dad(or did he run with me?) for the whole race, I think using my Garmin set a good pace for both of us. He said that I ran at a good solid pace throughout, and that I powered up the hills which kept him going! and didn’t burn out on the downhills, forcing him to stay with me. Maybe I do keep a good steady pace afterall! Dave told me that I needed to swing my arms more and relax- advice that I will definitely take on board for my next run. I was really pleased to see the finish line when I did, and picked up the pace for the final bit. Did I mention that the finish line was at the end of a slight uphill stretch!
I crossed the finish line at 29.37 although did not successfully turn my garmin off until 29.49- also check out the distance, an extra 0.08 on the course. I obviously didn’t take the shortest route as I’m pretty sure I didn’t do much dodging around people. My splits were
Mile 1: 9.38
Mile 2: 9.26
Mile 3: 9.29
0.18: 8.06
Overall I am really pleased with my time, I managed the 5K in under 30 mins, my goal for this race. It also gives me something to work on next time, hopefully I will beat my time, and stop my gamin at the right time! I actually really enjoyed the race and am looking forward to my next one!



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