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Remember When…

Jan 17, 2013 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

I am great at starting projects.

I am not so great at finishing them. (My Mum will attest that!)

Remember when I started the 200 Sit Up Challenge..
And I finished two days of it. I want to reintroduce this to my routines, will I remember? Not sure.
Remember when I said I was going to write down all of my workouts in a workout log? I think I managed two or three weeks before I forgot about it completely.
Remember when I said I was going to start half marathon training whilst in New Zealand, then failed to run whilst there even once! Infact, I am actually NOT running the Silverstone marathon anymore unfortunately, however I am giong to be running the Eastbourne Half Marathon .
I have started training, sort of. I had to google an ‘8 week training plan’ and found this one . So I did actually complete my training run today by following a ‘Lazy Girl’ treadmill plan from Julie@Pbfingers.
Remember when I said I was going on Weight Watchers, then followed my plan and points for approximately two days. I hate diets, plans, calorie counting, point counting. The only mantras I seem to be able to follow are ‘make a healthy choice, now make another one’  and ‘I earnt this’.
Remember when I started doing Project Life, actually no you don’t as I have never mentioned it on here, but I did it last year….and am only 5 months behind on it now. Same with Karen Russell’s photography course, haven’t even started. But I will, this year, I promise.
Remember when I trained for the Marathon. Actually yes, this is one of the few projects over the past year that I have started and completed. I am so so proud of myself for finishing it. Next time I start a project, I want to remember just how great it felt to finish the marathon.
Maybe my New Year’s Resolution this year should be to finish projects that I have previously started?
Are you good at finishing things you have started?


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