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Apr 1, 2014 | Running | 0 comments

Over the last few weeks I’ve been lucky enough to take part in some really fun activities, (and some less exciting ones- painting my bathroom ALL day on Saturday). Whilst I’ve shared them on Instagram, (@therunnerbeans) I haven’t felt like there was enough to say about each individually to write a full blog post about them. But I figured, why not throw them all together and call it good.

  • Let’s start with brownies (it’s always good to start with something sweet- speaking of, have you tried my fudgy avocado brownies yet?). Charlie and I partook in some excellent carb loading the evening before our Kingston 16 miler in the form of Outsider Tart brownies. What you’re looking at is a cherry cheesecake brownie, snickers brownie and a smartie and oatmeal brownie.

  • Sometimes I still can’t believe that I am part of the marathon club. OK not an official club, but part of the small percentage of people that have completed the 26.2 miles. Adidas have opened a Marathon training club in the city called ‘The 26ers’, and I was a little overexcited at being invited to the opening night. We even had t-shirts made for us, including a star for each marathon we’d completed- I’ve been promised another start once I finish Paris! Check out Becs with her 13 stars. They’ll be hosting free nightly runs, ranging from 5K for beginners, to weekend long runs in the run up to the London marathon. Zoe wrote a great blog post with more info here.

  • Wearing my Adidas 26ers t-shirt with pride on a lunchtime run with Sophie from Challenge Sophie. Love finding new running buddies close to my office, especially now that the weather is getting nice again. We ran around Hyde Park, down past Buckingham Palace, through Green Park and back again. I loved hearing about her 24hr cycle to Paris, I’m hoping I can convince Tom that it would be a fun summer weekend for us! 

  • We won our dodgeball tournament! We were all rather shocked, but considering the team we played in the finals cheated and were rather sore losers, we were even more thrilled! I made a courgette cake for our team for afters, and I think the ref was quite shocked that we’d brought our own winners cake. Loved getting a medal! Well done to all our team members- YAY Artful Dodgers!

  • In the run up to Nike’s We Own the Night 10K, they are hosting free run clubs as well as sessions at popular studios across London. I was invited to join the workout at Barrecore in Mayfair. I absolutely love Barre workouts, they make your glutes and thighs burn like no other workout I’ve completed. If I wasn’t a member of a gym, I would definitely spend my money on classes here. It was Zoe’s first barre class- I don’t think she knew what she was letting herself in for.

  • On Sunday morning, I met up with Zoe and Leah for breakfast before heading to the Be:Fit London. There were numerous stalls showcasing fitness ware, new workouts and healthy food, plus various guest speakers. Sadly due the small size, and the fact that we’d seen most of the products at other fairs, none of us were overly impressed. I do wish that I’d signed up for a free class (and not worn my jeans), and stayed to listen to Victoria Pendleton, but having arrived at 10am, by 12 we were ready to head home. 
Hope you had a great weekend- what have been your instagram highlights of the past week or so? 


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