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Jul 21, 2015 | Uncategorized | 6 comments

cycling to Paris

I signed up to cycle the Ride 100 race after seeing friends complete it last year, and was really pumped for it, especially after our Cycle to Paris in May. It took on extra meaning after Esther sadly died in a cycling accident.

However my knee and cycling aren’t the best of friends. By the time I reached the Eiffel Tower after nearly 200 miles of riding, it was in agony. Spinning classes seem to aggravate it most, but recently running has been a little twingey too.

It’s the same knee that forced me to pull out of the London marathon in 2011, but I am determined that it won’t stop me from running the Chicago Marathon. So it is with sadness that I have deferred my entry to Ride 100 for next year.

sore knee

I’ll be lining the streets to cheer on my friends as they whizz past, and may even incorporate some of the route in my long run this weekend, but realistically to stay fit and healthy to run 26 miles in October, cycling 100 miles is not a good idea.

This scare (along with some pretty ropey runs) have been a kick up the backside to get training, stretching, strengthening and recovering seriously for Chicago. There’s only 12 weeks to go!


  1. W. Purves.

    Good thinking. Love, G.

  2. peachylau

    It’s a tough decision but probably a good one. Keep going x

    • charlotte

      Thanks lovely!

  3. Nicole

    i know that feeling. i had to defer the nyc marathon this year (after earning entry through 9+1) b/c of my ankle. it’s the right thing to do though. better be strong/safe than rush it just to do it.

    • charlotte

      Sorry to hear that! Are you running NYC this year?

      • Nicole

        That was this year! Hope to run in 2016


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