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Racing is Back!

Apr 12, 2021 | Running, Running Advice | 0 comments

Racing is Back!

I never thought I would be so excited to sign up for races! And these aren’t big marathon majors, or even marathons.

These are local 5K and 10K races (although to be honest, I’m not ready for anything further than that right now!)

My goal over the next few months is to support local races, signing up for events within our area, some of them I’ve run before but many are new to me. I’ve often chosen big city races, London events and international trips over 5Ks, 10Ks and half marathons closer to home. But with no travel confirmed, and the idea of a massive city race quite off putting right now, I’m excited to take part in smaller races.

I haven’t run a race since February 2020. At least it was a fun last hurrah, if a little windy and wet at the Brighton Half Marathon last year.

itsanniebean Brighton half marathon | Racing is Back

Races I’ve Signed Up For:

Thames Valley 10K

I’ve run a half marathon around Dorney before and whilst it’s not the most exciting course, it is pretty inspiring running past the Olympic rings. I’m running the 10K with my friend Tam.

Thames Valley 5K, 10K, 15K 17th April 

NewBury racecourse 10K

I love the RunThrough Events (and their infamous flapjacks) and so am thrilled to have signed up to another of their races. I’ve never been to Newbury Racecourse to watch racing but am excited to run the course.

Newbury Racecourse 5K/10K/Half Marathon 1st May

Nettlebed Stinger

A new, hilly 10K race with funds supporting the Nettlebed Community School.

Nettlebed Stinger 23rd May

Burnham Beeches half marathon

And I’ve signed Tom up to run this too – although I’ve since heard it has some pretty brutal hills! It’s all good training, right?

Burnham Beeches 10K and Half Marathon 15th August

Potential Races:

Dinton Pastures Summer Series

A monthly 5K/10K series on Thursday evenings starting on 13th May around Dinton Pastures hosted by Barnes Fitness. There’s also an event on my birthday which I’m very tempted to sign up for!

Dinton Pastures 5K/10K 

Sonning 5K/10K

This rearranged race is now happening in July and looks set to be a great weekend!

Sonning 10K 4th July 

Down Tow Up Flow Half Marathon

I’ve run this race twice before and always love it!

Down Tow Up Flow Race 25th July 

London Landmarks Half

Whilst it isn’t exactly local, it has been on my race bucket list for a while as one of the few big London races I haven’t done yet!

London Landmarks Half Marathon 1st August

Royal Windsor Trail Run

Half marathon or 10K along the river in Windsor, there’s also a marathon, half and 10K in October too.

Windsor Trail Run 16th May 

Great South Run Race Recap 2019 | Racing is Back

In the past I’ve used many races as training runs (How to Use a Race as a Training Run) but I’m holding off entering any races that might take away from my ultimate goal in the next 10 months… to run a BQ.

So whilst I’d love to run the Chicago marathon (I deferred my place from last year), I’m focusing on shorter races for fun as I build up my fitness, and then will choose a few key races to hopefully earn some new PBs!

Have you signed up for any races? Are you ready for big races or sticking to smaller, local races for a while?


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