Push It

Yesterday’s workout was inspired by this workout from pbfingers. I was running late to get to the gym before work so wanted a quick 20-25mins interval workout so that I could stretch properly afterwards.

I couldn’t decide whether to stick with the treadmill or to try out the cross-trainer again, but ultimately my quads were feeling a little sore, so I went with an incline workout on the treadmill.

Towards the end of the workout, when the incline was at 4.5 and the speed was about 11 (7mph) I found it really tough and had to dig deep not to turn the pace down a notch. I find music so helpful at times like that so switched the track on my ipod to Push It. It really helped me get through the last couple of minutes, pretty sure I was half singing the track out loud though!!

I ended up a bit of a sweaty mess, but was pleased that I had managed to keep up with the workout. Often when trying to change from MPH to KPH it’s easy to slack off, but I made sure to follow the conversions properly. I think I am finally beginning to see an improvement in my cardio fitness.

After my interval session I moved over to the PowerPlates for a quick stretch. Last week I think I twinged one of my calf muscles during an intense PowerPlates session so I wanted to make sure to stretch them properly after this incline workout.

Taking a photo on a PowerPlate is HARD! 

A nice quick 30 minute work out before work. I really want to try to fit a class in at the gym before work but I just can’t seem to get up early enough! Maybe that will be my January goal- need to start thinking about next year’s resolutions!

WEEKLY WEIGH IN: 66kg on the nose (6kg to go….)


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