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Project BQ: 4 Weeks To Go

Aug 7, 2018 | Race Recaps, Running | 6 comments

Project BQ Update

20 miles.

It always scares the crap out of me, no matter how many marathons I run or how many times I hit that terrifying distance on the training plan. 20 miles. I make it into such a big deal in my head, but really, it’s not that different to the 18 miler, or even the 16 miler…

Monday – off/resting my shins

Tuesday – off/resting my shins

Wednesday – 1 mile warm up, 12 x 400m @ 6.25-35 min mile pace, 1 mile cool down.

1 mile warm up at 10 min pace, (6.06. 5.32 (think this was a Garmin malfunction), 6.23, 6.33, 6.32, 6.33, 6.26, 6.34, 6.26, 6.30, 6.36, 6.45) 1 mile cool down.

Thursday – 1 mile warm up, 2 x 2 miles at 7.25-35 min mile pace with 60-90 second rest between, 2 mile cool down. This was tough, but manageable. I did a similar workout last week but without the rest, somehow knowing this and with the added bonus of the 90 seconds rest (yes I took it all), made my approach to it a bit different…more positive and less scary!

1 mile warm up at 10.18 pace, 7.12, 7.27, 7.27, 7.29, 2 mile cool 9.47, 8.51. Followed by an appointment with the physio with more dry needling.

Project BQ Update

Friday – 3 easy miles with Tom’s family dog. I ran 4 minutes, walked 1 min and made sure Diggy didn’t get too hot given the temps.

Saturday – Struggled with a migraine for 36 hours so no running (or much of anything!)

Sunday – swapped my long run to do it properly on Monday

Project BQ Update

Monday – 20 MILES at 9.16 average pace 

Not ideal at all, but I knew this was really important to get 20 miles in and make it a good one. And that wouldn’t have happened on Sunday at Tom’s parents house (and after the migraine) so I set my alarm extra early on Monday and headed out for 20 miles along the roads and tow path in Henley.

It was hot. I tried not to worry about pace too much but I guess it’s a force of habit to check my watch all too often. I ran 10 easy miles, stopped for some Haribo then turned around for another 5. At 15, I had to run 2 race pace miles (7.55-8.05), which I ran in 7.49 and 7.55 – not too shabby given how my legs were feeling, followed by 3 of my easiest miles home.

Had to stop at the Garage on the way back for more water and a Ribena – the best tasting Ribena ever!

Project BQ Update

I have to be totally honest, my legs haven’t been feeling great and I’m nervous that my fitness isn’t on track for a BQ, and I flit between the idea of just giving it my all on Sept 8th, and swapping to the half, making sure I don’t get injured on race day and signing up for a Jan/Feb marathon to give me some more time to get in tip top shape. I’m leaving it up to my coach and physio to give me their advice and then I’ll make a decision.

In the past, I’ve worried too much about what the social media world will think… but after sharing my insecurities and getting such awesome feedback on Instagram on Friday, I know that the people that matter will support whichever decision I make for my own wellbeing!


  1. shineonsyd

    Another great blog Charlie, I find that sometimes it’s a mental block to do 20 miles but actually it’s far easier than you think and you feel great once it’s in the bag

  2. DebJo

    You are speedy!

  3. lysy

    20 miles in the bag, great work! Sounds like you’re hitting your speedwork targets too despite not feeling100% Glad you have good advice from your coach and physio x

  4. Rick Nielson

    We all struggle with the same issues. Particularly when talking BQ. Thanks for sharing your real thoughts and difficulties!

  5. Cari

    Sounds like a smart plan, no matter which route you ultimately pursue. Glad you felt well enough to do your long run post-migraine

  6. georgepdp

    Keep it up Charlie! 20 miles is great and it’s ok to be tired – that’s because you’re training hard and have cumulative fatigue. Don’t underestimate the taper – you’ll be feeling fit and fast once u get that 7-10 day less volume taper. Keep it up! -George (


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