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Project Awesome- London’s Answer to the November Project

Nov 13, 2014 | Running | 3 comments

Project Awesome

Project Awesome

Have you heard of the November Project?

It’s a free fitness movement that started in Boston as a way of keeping people motivated to exercise throughout the cold winter months. Now in many major cities across the US, they are encouraging people of all shapes, sizes and fitness levels to get active.

This isn’t the November Project. This is Project Awesome.

It follows many of the same principles, offering free amazing workouts in the city, keeping people accountable during the winter with their verbal agreements. If you renege on your verbal, be prepared to be named and shamed.

Led by the very huggy, and enthusiastic Danny, you’re immediately made to feel at home. Zoe, Char and I were introduced as newbies and given a high five and well done by the rest of the team. It was so lovely to meet one of the girls that reads my blog! (so sorry I didn’t catch your name.)

Project Awesome

Project Awesome

The morning’s workout was 16 laps of ‘The Scoop’- which I didn’t think sounded too bad, until it became clear that we were running up and down the stairs, adding an additional step in each time, for a total of between 8-10 up and downs in each lap. It was exhausting. Zoe and I actually began to wish there were breaks in between each lap for a set of burpees, squats or lunges!

The heavens opened about halfway through our session, but this didn’t stop us. High fives on the way round and Danny’s constant encouragement ensured we continued on with our workout, although I am pretty confident that I didn’t complete all 16 laps.

project awesome

project awesome

project awesome

With sessions every Wednesday at The Scoop, next to Tower Bridge, and Friday workouts in Primrose Hill at 6.30am, you bet I am going to be attending them to keep me motivated throughout the winter. And a major plus is that my friend Char has agreed to come too.

Everyone grabs coffee at the end of the session, which really makes you feel involved and part of a group (sadly I had to rush off to work but next time I am getting my well-earnt latte!)

Just show up….

Project Awesome


  1. Michael R.

    After staying away for a long while on account of not wanting to get swept up in the cult-like fervor of NP, I finally gave in this past summer and am very happy to have done so. After a lengthy hiatus I finally got back a few weeks ago and can see improvement on the stairs with each passing week. Welcome to the Tribe!

  2. lazylauramaisey

    Don’t miss out on the coffee next time! It’s 80% of the reason I go!

  3. Mary

    That sounds intense! Love the idea of being motivated throughout the winter though.



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