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Prepared for Any Weather

Jun 29, 2014 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

The weather in Britain is a funny old thing. It was glorious and sunny throughout all 12 of my Thames river run yesterday morning.

Berlin Marathon Training

However, when I went to leave the house about an hour after finishing my run, it was raining buckets. I dithered around inside, putting off heading out until the last possible moment. A few messages went back and forth between the girls and I, considering cancelling our walk around Hampstead Heath, but in the end we decided to go for it. We’re ‘training’ for our Three Peaks Challenge attempt at the end of July, and considering the weather is so temperamental in the UK, we need to be prepared to face anything. For our first training walk up Box Hill it was lovely and hot!

Anoraks at the ready!

Berlin Marathon Training Heath Circuit

Last week I’d found a 6 mile loop called the Heath Circuit, that started and finished at the Parliament Hill Cafe. However, when we actually got in to the park we couldn’t find any signposts for the trail, so ended up roughly walking around the perimeter, and zigzagging up and down as many hills as we could find.

The views across London really were spectacular from Parliament Hill, I can only imagine on a clear day they would be even more impressive.

Parliament Hill London Views

Parliament Hill London Views

Although the rain eased off quite a bit during our walk, it remained very soggy! Once we had completed 6 miles we were all more than happy to eat our picnic at the cafe and call it a day. My legs were aching and I somehow managed to end up muddier than anyone else.

18 miles covered for the day, before sinking in to the sofa to watch the tennis and remind myself what marathon training hunger is like! A bath followed by baked goods and tea cure all aches and pains!

Hope you’re having a great weekend. What’s the worst race day weather you’ve ever experienced? Mine has to be my 22/24 mile Kingston Run Challenge as part of my New York Marathon training


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