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Post Marathon Recovery…

Apr 28, 2018 | Nutrition, Post Run Recovery, Running, Running Advice | 4 comments

This post is in collaboration with Pukka Herbs. 

post marathon recovery

It’s been almost a week since the London Marathon. Ive spent most of the week sore, either from the 26.2 miles or my two F45 classes (I’ve started going to the Paddington location and I love it).

It feels like it’s taking me longer to recovery from the London marathon than Paris, although I’m not sure if that’s because of the double whammy from both marathons, or that London took a bigger physical toll on my body.

Here’s how I’m trying to bounce back…


I have been eating ALL THE THINGS. If you’ve seen my instagram stories, you know that most days involve two breakfasts, big lunches and plenty of snacks. Although its easy to reach for cakes, biscuits, crisps because you’ve ‘earned them’, I’m trying to mix in lots of protein, carbs, fruit and veg and healthy fats for optimum recovery.

I’ve been drinking a ton of water, at least three litres a day, as well as turmeric active tea to help with the muscle inflammation. Studies have shown that turmeric can help reduce inflammation within the body by lowering inflammatory enzymes. Pukka herbal teas are medicinal grade quality herbal teas, designed to utilise the natural properties of the ingredients to energise and warm you.

post marathon recovery

Muscle Recovery 

I went to Go Perform in Reading with Emma on Tuesday night to use their NormaTec recovery boots. The boots are ‘pulse recovery system’ – effectively they are air compression boots that aid recovery and rehab by massaging your muscles and ‘mobilise fluid’. You can read more about the science here.

It was a lot better than 20 minutes spent foam rolling, although not without discomfort on my quads. However, they worked so well. Wednesday morning was the first time I was able to walk down the stairs without wincing. Lets just say, I now want a pair of these at home!

Marathon recovery

Pre and post race, I had a massage using Urban Massage, who come to your house. It was so useful to be able to have a massage at my parents house after work rather than having to travel, and I had it at 9pm so that I could simply shower and sleep after!

I’ve also used the Pukka turmeric organic Active 35 Oil, massaging it into my muscles to relax them and joint inflammation. It works transdermally, through the skin, like magnesium (loving those magnesium salt baths). The turmeric oil has been great to moisturise and massage my feet, as they seem to have taken the biggest beating from two marathons within three weeks!

Rest Day Brags

Sleep is fundamental for recovery (something I have a whole post about on Monday). The night after the marathon I had serious insomnia, but the rest of this week I’ve been trying to catch up on kip, going to bed before 10pm most nights. It’s been a nice break not having early morning runs for a week, aside from yesterday’s HIIT class.

Ok so F45 isn’t the best for muscle recovery but it has been awesome for my motivation! Which brings me on to my next point…

marathon recovery

Signing up to another challenge… 

I have officially signed up to Big Cottonwood Marathon in September, anyone want to join me?

If you had a disappointing race in London, or even if you didn’t, signing up for another race or big challenge is a great way to re-motivate yourself, and get your fitness back on track after you recover. Personally, I’m always like to have something that I’m working towards to keep me focused.

Enter the London Marathon ballot on Monday 

Sign up for an autumn or spring marathon…

  • Three of the Marathon Majors are in autumn; Berlin, Chicago and New York
  • Richmond Running Fest has an awesome trail marathon on the outskirts of London
  • I’ve heard that the Abingdon Marathon is super fast, I might sign up for this as a BQ back up
  • Valencia Marathon and Frankfurt have had great reviews
  • Athens Marathon is on a lot of lists as the OG marathon
  • Walt Disney World Marathon is in January (trying to find a way to be there for the challenge)
  • Tokyo marathon in Feb is epic
  • LA marathon in March is on my bucket list
  • Paris, Manchester, Brighton, Boston and Rome marathons are all great ones if you don’t get in to London! Not that Boston is any easier to get into, unless you have that elusive qualifying time…

Get a team together to run the Ragnar Relay in Sept (I’m super excited to be part of a team running the Colorado race in August!)

Need a break from running? Why not sign up for a bike or swim challenge? I actually signed up for the London Classics Serpentine Swim but have had to defer my entry due to a family christening that weekend!

For those of you that ran the London marathon (or another spring marathon), what’s next for you? How are you recovering? 


  1. healthyeatingkiwi

    Wow, those recovery leg things look crazy. Excited to see which race you end up getting your BQ at!

  2. thisvetruns

    Wow, some amazing recovery ideas! I love the massage at your house. I always feel so relaxed but then you’ve got to drag your clothes back on and head out in to the cold. I’ll definitely look into a mobile service

  3. Ken

    Abingdon is very fast and very well organised. I know plenty of people who have cracked big goals there.

  4. Cari

    I need that mug! NormaTec are the best.


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