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Poetry in Motion- Moments of a Weekend

Feb 19, 2016 | Running | 0 comments

Last weekend, Sony challenged me to snap pictures of my weekend ‘in motion’ using their new Sony Xperia Z5 and they would have poets from The Poetry Society write some lines to go with one of my photos.

Quite a lot of pressure when it’s just you, the Xperia Z5 and a self-timer…

Sony Mobile is running a campaign alongside The Poetry Society where members of the public can capture a snapshot of their life on their smartphone and share the photo in the hope of inspiring the team of poets to come up with their very own micro-poem. You can submit your pictures on Facebook don’t forget to tag me in them (@therunnerbeans) I’d love to see what photos you’re sending in!

I was in Cardiff on Friday and Saturday with Tom, where it seems to rain every single weekend. Luckily the phone has one of the highest waterproofing ratings on the market so the rain (and puddles) didn’t bother it. I went for a very short 1 mile run – realising that my knee injury really is an actual injury rather than niggle. Tom lives in Cardiff Bay, right on the waterfront which provides some gorgeous, if windy, running trails.

Running Cardiff Bay

After my soggy run, I walked to the Cardiff Olympic Pool for a swim. The pool is only a 5 minute walk from Tom’s flat which is rather handy, however I failed to think about the fact that Saturday morning is prime children’s swimming lesson time and didn’t want to look like a creep taking photos!

walking around Cardiff

Cardiff Olympic Swimming Pool

I settled into the slow lane and set myself the challenge of swimming 1KM- not as daunting as it sounds in a 50m pool.

The rest of the afternoon was spent working, eating all of the food (swimming hunger is worse than running hunger) and watching Modern Family before heading back to London for a friend’s bridesmaid dinner.

I brought pudding and a magnum of Prosecco for the dinner – taking my bridesmaid duties very seriously. The pudding was courtesy of ‘Embrace the Cake’ a company that makes gluten, dairy and refined sugar free cakes for all occasions. We chose a Banoffee Pie that was decadent, smooth and so filling but most importantly delicious! Emily absolutely loved it, and no-one could believe that it was healthy(ish) too! Highly recommend them if you’ve got a birthday, wedding or party coming up to give everyone a ‘free from’ option! 

Embrace the Cake

Bridesmaid dinner

Sunday was Valentine’s Day, and although we’re not big into V day, Tom had suggested that we go for a walk and a pub lunch near his parent’s house which sounds like the perfect way to celebrate if you ask me. We walked for a couple of miles with the dogs and Tom’s Dad before enjoying a huge Roast lunch at a nearby pub, then watching England win the rugby!

Love is wellies

Walking in the woods

Although this weekend was a lot less active than most weekends are usually, taking photos of these little moments forced me to slow down and enjoy the little things. There’s poetry in our everyday lives, don’t let it pass you by…

What type of photo would you submit? Where do you see the poetry in your life?

facebook 2 (original)

This post is sponsored by Sony. “Poems for the Sony Mobile Poetry In Moments campaign are written by The Poetry Society’s team of poets, including Ben Wilkinson & Will Burns”.


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