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Podcasts to Keep You Entertained (and Running!) All Winter

Oct 16, 2017 | Lifestyle, Reviews | 5 comments

Podcasts you'll love autumn 2017

I’m a huge fan of podcasts. I rely on them to get me through my long runs, my long commutes and those hours when anxiety becomes too much when I’m trying to sleep. The dulcet tones of a podcast have lulled me to sleep on many an occasion, including on overnight flights when you want to drown out the sound of the jet.

My problem? I consume more hours of podcasts than I have storage on my phone… and I’m always looking for new ones to download and listen to.

Podcasts to keep you running all winter

I’ve partnered with Panasonic to share their new bluetooth headphones and to hopefully give you some suggestions of new podcasts to download…

If you like the Rich Roll Podcast, you might enjoy Man Bun Run 

Rylee is a passionate runner, a lawyer and dad and I love his honesty and humour – plus his guests are popular faces from all over the Instagram world. I discovered this running podcast after he interviewed two of my favourite runners; Hungry Runner Girl and Lindsey Hein (host of I’ll Have Another running podcast). He’s from Utah (seriously, if you haven’t visited add it to your bucket list, I loved it there)

If you like podcasts to help your training, you might enjoy The Weekly Word podcast 

Having listened to the Rich Roll podcast for a while, you might recognise the voice of Chris Hauth, Rich’s coach and partner for Otillo. Chris shares his coaching experience, advice and tips for ultra endurance athletes (although they can be helpful for us mere endurance athletes).

Panasonic headphones and podcasts to run to

If you like Serial, you might enjoy Missing Richard Simmons 

The Guardian described this podcast as Serial with more lycra…which was enough to encourage me to download it. I haven’t got very far into this one (and there has been some controversy around it) but if you like a mystery and the potential for a scandal, this might be up your street. Personally this comes no-where near Serial series 1, but I didn’t love series 2. If you haven’t downloaded S Town then definitely do that!

If you like podcasts about nutrition, you might enjoy No Nonsense Nutrition 

Pretty much what it says on the tin. I am so fed up of the non-evidence based nutrition advice going around on blogs, magazines and websites so having this great podcast from five guys who clearly are passionate about nutrition AND know what they’re talking about is great. They also have guests on depending on the topic. Although I haven’t listened to them all yet, I’m really excited to listen to last week’s ‘Should you go Vegan’ episode.

Panasonic headphones and new podcasts to download

If you like This American Life, you might like Ted Talks Daily

Although these short, 5-10 minute talks are not quite as satisfying to listen to as This American Life, in my experience,  they make for very interesting dinner party chat and open your eyes/ears up to topics you hadn’t previously considered. The compact stories are the perfect pre bedtime listen, or great to listen to during your commute.

If you like Sword and Scale (or other murder podcasts), you might like SerialKillers 

Ok, I might be a weirdo but I really enjoy listening to the murder podcasts (I also love watching anything about prisons on TV) although I can’t listen to these to go to sleep or on runs in the dark… but they’re great for a commute either by train, car or on foot. I find it fascinating to hear about murders in days gone by, about what happened, how they were caught and why they did it.

Panasonic headphones and podcasts

If you like to laugh your head off, you might enjoy My Dad Wrote a Porno 

I can’t remember if I’ve posted about this before, but honestly on occasion I have had to pause my run to laugh out loud. That surely counts as an ab workout? These hilarious podcasts make the 5am easy run that little bit easier to get out of bed for. Probably best not to listen to this one on a packed train…

If you like to learn about social media and business (and get a giant kick up the bum about doing more!), you might like the Gary Vee Audio Experience 

You’ll either love him or loathe him. His New Jersey confidence is contagious and I finish each episode with a renewed vigour to put my all into my own blog/social accounts. It’s a great place to learn how to utilise them to grow your business, find out about new social platforms and the areas that Gary thinks are going to be big in the next few years (and having invested in Facebook, Uber and Snapchat, he probably knows what he’s doing). Personally I’m fascinated that he has someone following him around to film his life for his daily Youtube videos… not sure if that would be amazing or awful!

Panasonic headphones and podcasts to run to

I am the queen of losing/breaking my headphones. I have a pair in every single bag I own (and two by the side of my bed) because I hate discovering that I’ve forgotten them. This pair of Panasonic RP-BTS10 are seriously light weight, water resistant (great for those of us that sweat a lot or aren’t put off a training run by a little rain!).

In my opinion, the sound quality is good, especially the bass, and I think it’s so important that these sports headphones have been designed NOT to block out the sound around you. As someone who runs early in the morning, often in the dark, this is such a key aspect.

If you saw my pics from the Royal Parks Half post, you’ll see that I forgot to bring bluetooth headphones with me and had to use the old ones from the bottom of my bag – leaving me in a bit of a tangled mess! I love that these ones have an adjustable toggle behind the neck to keep them from getting into a mess. However, I must say, these aren’t the most comfortable of the Panasonic headphones I’ve tried as there are no rubber covers to go inside your ears, these ones are moulded plastic – although at least this does mean I can’t lose the soft rubber cover – and with the rubber clip around the edge of the ear, they do stay put.

Another bug bear is the short battery life (I haven’t tested this for longer than 2 hours but apparently they only last 4hrs) which during training runs for marathons would only just be long enough. However, the battery charges pretty quickly which is a definite bonus for those moments when you realise you’ve forgotten to charge them and don’t want to massively postpone your run. Oh and they are easy to set up, perfect for this technophobe!

Personally, these are gym headphones. Lightweight, easy to charge and use (I’ve even charge them on the gym treadmill in Hawaii), no long cord to get wrapped around my weights or in the way, and ear pieces that aren’t going to budge, even after burpees!

Check out my previous post about running podcasts!

Panasonic headphones and new podcasts to download


  1. Iain

    Hi Charlie,

    I’m a big Rich Roll fan – thanks for the recommendations, I’ll give them a try.

    Two other health/running podcasts I can recommend are –

    Fitter Food Radio – two Brits who talk about health, training, performance and food. They also talk a lot about lifestyle and social pressures as well as the real reasons you are burying yourself at the gym.

    The Bad Boy Running Podcast – sometimes irrelevant and goes off track from time to time which is normally very funny. These guys struggle with running just like anyone else which is refreshing. They have had some great guests on recently including Dean Karnazes and Jonathan Albon (OCR World Champion)


  2. Jess

    I was literally just thinking ‘I need some podcast advice’ and was actually going to text you haha, but without asking you provided the goods! Thanks!! Xxxx

    • charlotte

      Haha great minds!

  3. Katie Louise Halsall

    Ahh, I love the sounds of these. I don’t think I’ve actually listened to any! I have a weird fascination with murder stories and serial killers too… Definitely downloaded that one.

  4. Erin

    I love these recommendations, I have been binge listening to Serial Killers. I would like to recommend three of my favorites.

    Because you like Serial Killers: My Favorite Murder (a comedy/murder podcast). So funny and entertaining. Also, I just discovered Astonishing Legends, which covers paranormal stories and other murders.

    Also, one that is really fun that I save for my long run each week is Sorta Awesome.

    Hope you enjoy!


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