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Pink Soda Sport Review

Apr 2, 2016 | Kit | 1 comment

Pink Soda sports The RunnerBeans

Pink Soda is the sportswear line from JD Sports – the name JD Sports brings back memories of searching high and low for the right colour Adidas Originals shell toes about 15 years ago….I finally found the pink ones that I wanted and wore them to death.

Is it weird that I actually really want some more shell toes, oh and a pair of Stan Smiths while we’re talking Originals…

Anyway, the team from Pink Soda sent me two outfits to try, run, sweat in, which I duly did.

Pink Soda sports The RunnerBeans

Their aim is to create ‘active lifestyle wear for women that like to look good from the gym to the streets’, and they’ve definitely created a look. It’s quite urban, lots of black, white and grey with slogan featuring prominently on most of their pieces.

Although the pieces feel well made, it’s a little bit fashion over function with some items. For me the sports bra wasn’t close to supportive enough, and I did find that the waistband of the leggings didn’t sit quite right (maybe that’s my wonky pelvis!).

Pink Soda sports The RunnerBeans

I’ve had them for about a month now and there are a few items I’m wearing over and over, especially as lounge wear around the house. This hoodie is super soft, and fits well = not too slouchy or too tight.

Pink Soda sports The RunnerBeans

Similarly I really like these leggings, although find that the band at the top has warped slightly so use these mostly for yoga and Pilates than running or HIIT classes.

I really liked the look and feel of this top, it comes up rather long so again, not ideal for running but good for those sessions where you want to keep your tummy covered.

Pink Soda sports The RunnerBeans

Pink Soda Sports The Runner Beans

Overall I think Pink Soda is a great reasonably priced addition to your gym wardrobe (all items are between £15-£32), providing pieces to take you from yoga to brunch, but I wouldn’t wear these items for marathon training!

All photos by Will Patrick


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  1. Chiswickmum

    great photos of a fab looking girl – even if I am a little biased! x


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