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Pilates, Pumpkin and Pump

Oct 18, 2012 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Yesterday was jam packed with an early morning Pilates class with a friend before work, then a full on day at work, followed by a Body Pump class after work!

SJ and I have been encouraging each other to try new classes at our gym. Last week we tried Body Balance, although we were both a little unsure about it. Although neither of us enjoyed it that much, or felt like we had a good workout or stretch, it did highlight just how inflexible we both were. Not only that, but I realised that my core strength is pretty poor, despite increasing the number of weights sessions I am doing.

I spoke to one of the trainers at the gym who I do a number of PowerPlates classes with, and who I had my induction with. She said that in order for my body to perform at its best during cardio and weight sessions, it was crucial to include some low impact, stretching sessions into my routine.

With that in mind, SJ and I met up for an early morning Pilate class. We were the only newbies in the class, which meant that although the class was quite fast paced, the instructor made sure we knew what we were doing. It was tough! Definitely something I need to improve on.

After Pilates, I treated myself to a pumpkin spiced latte from Starbucks. It was AMAZING.

I love pumpkin flavoured things, and having seen loads of recipes in blogland, have been inspired to try some pumpkin recipes over the next couple of weeks. 
After work, I ventured back to the gym to take part in a Body Pump class. Having tried my first class about 6 months ago, I am now hooked! I love feeling strong, and challenging my body in a new way. ‘STRONG IS THE NEW SEXY’. 
In other news, I have joined Pintrest, and become a bit addicted. It’s great for inspiring me to get to the gym. I’ve started a Fitspiration board on pintrest and am going to make a Workout board for days when I am unsure what to do in the gym. 


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