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Phoenix Marathon Training: Week 1

Sep 24, 2018 | Running, Running Advice, Uncategorized | 5 comments

Phoenix marathon training week 1

I work best with a schedule, and with routine. Although feel like I am super busy right now, having structured workout plans are helping me keep on top of it, and by making my three key workouts (speed, tempo and long) non-negotiable, I can ensure that life happens around them!

The other 1-2 runs a week are being done as run commutes – to be honest, it’s the only way to squeeze them in without 4am alarms daily (and it saves me time on the tube!).

Monday – Barrecore class

It felt like a bit of an anti-climax starting the first week of Phoenix marathon training without a run, but with a long commute I’ve decided to give myself a slow start on a Monday. That means getting the bus to the train station

Tuesday – Track Session

This week I tested my 800m and 1 mile paces to set the starting point for my future speed workouts. I was pleased with the 800m result but a little disappointed by my mile time. I felt myself slowing down during the middle two laps and found it hard to keep pushing  but mentally I’m so glad I didn’t. And it’s only a starting point, I know I have a lot more speed in these legs and lungs over the next 20 weeks.

800m – 3:10

1600m – 6.48

Phoenix Marathon Training

I’m organising a weekly group track session at Paddington Track on Tuesday mornings. They’re free for anyone to join to do your own speed workout, jog around the track or do my workout with me! Sign up to  find out more here.  I’m working with MyCrew app and am using the budget they’ve given me to treat track runners to coffee on our way to work… go on, you know you want to join us!

Wednesday – 4 mile run commute – stopping at Starbucks for my first hot chocolate of the season. Officially got to admit it’s Autumn now. I nanny on a Weds night so I ran from the hospital to Notting Hill and ended up eating with the kids as I was so hungry. I made Sweet Potato and Chickpea cakes from Run Fast, Cook Fast, Run Slow – Shalane Flanagan’s book, they were delicious with some added toppings (hello Halloumi and avocado!)

Phoenix Marathon Training Week 1

Lots of you have been asking for my recommendations for running backpacks…the two I have aren’t perfect (and I have the chafing to prove that), so I’m going to test some out over the next couple of weeks and report back!

Thursday – Got to get used to Thursdays being EARLY starts for tempo/threshold workouts. This week it was 1 mile warm up, 3 x 1 mile @ 7.30-7.45 pace, 1 mile cool down. First proper run around our new house and the hill on the way back is not easy!

10.21, 7.24, 7.29, 7.40, 9.50

But I have also finally sorted my train schedule and timed it perfectly to get the 7.24 train (from the platform with the coffee shop, winning!).

Friday – Barrecore

Saturday – 10 miles…

I ran 2 and a bit miles to the train station, then the rest once I got to London, through Hyde Park and to my PT course in Vauxhall. I know it isn’t ideal but it was the only way of getting a long run in plus a 1.5hour commute by 9.30am!

Phoenix marathon training week 1

Sunday – OFF!

I had my Personal Training Level 2 practical and theory (find out more about why and where I’m doing this here), so knew I would be doing a little bit of a workout so didn’t want to do my long run on the same day. I was so happy with this decision when I woke up on Sunday and it was pouring with rain. I used to always do my long runs on Sundays but actually I’ve enjoyed switching some to Saturdays for a while and Phoenix marathon is on Sat….

You’ll notice that the yoga/stretch class didn’t happen this week as I prioritised spending the evening with Tom (my husband for those of you that are new around here). We sat on the sofa, no phones, ate some ice-cream and watched The Bodyguard. I don’t regret that choice at ALL – although I would like some of those air flow boots to wear while I do that.

And for those that haven’t been watching The Bodyguard, it’s on BBC iplayer and it’s sooo good! Its pretty much the only thing I watched this week aside from Bake Off.


  1. Pauline

    I love your blog posts Charlie ! Keep up the incredible work and thank you for sharing with us along the way.
    And omg the bodyguard is amazing ! Although I still haven’t recovered from episode 4 !

  2. susierunslondon

    Hi Charlie!
    What training plan are you following for Phoenix? I’m struggling to find one I like the look of for a spring marathon!
    Good luck with training in the next few months 🙂

  3. Annie

    You’ve inspired me to start training for a spring half!! I went through a running rut the past few months (probably due to the extreme humidity on the East Coast) and the fall temps have been motivating. I’m excited to follow along on your journey to Phoenix!

    • charlotte

      awww yay, that makes me so happy! Which one have you chosen? xx

  4. Lindsay

    Charlotte … I think it would be awesome to read a bit more about how you handle food/meal planning with all of the traveling you have to do into and out of London? Also, did you choose to live outside of downtown london because of your husbands job? Are the families you Nanny for all located in London?


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