Peloton Running App Review

Peloton Running App Review

I’ve just got off the treadmill after a 60 minute Hip Hop Fun Run with Rebecca Kennedy, clocking up 6.5 miles, having sung my way through ‘The Fresh Price of Bel-Air’. I don’t hate the treadmill as I know a lot of other runners do, and have clocked up long runs on a tread before (like this time in Malaysia) but honestly the Peloton runs make the time and miles fly by.

You know if you follow me on Instagram that I am kind of obsessed with our Peloton and the app. But what I didn’t realise when we first bought the bike was how much I’d enjoy using the Peloton app way beyond the on-demand spinning classes (read my full Peloton Review here)

The workouts make me run faster than I would if I were just hopping on the treadmill for an hour, plus the music is epic!

I’m taking part in Pelothon this month, where you join a virtual team and each week there’s a challenge. Week 1 is to take a class by each of the Peloton instructors in the team. I’m joining the #BreakthroughCrew so I’ll be taking a class by Adrian Williams, Chase Tucker, Emma Lovewell, Jenn Sherman, Kendall Toole and Matt Wilpers (mostly treadmill and outdoor runs plus a couple of rides). As well as being a fun free challenge, Peloton are donating $1M to four charities; The Trussell Trust (they support 1200 food banks in the UK), Food Bank for NYC, The Tafel and Daily Bread Food Bank.

My Peloton user name is therunnerbeans – lets be friends if you have the app!

Peloton Running App

How To Use The Peloton App For Running

I never thought I would use the running parts of the Peloton App more than the bike. But as I try to increase my running mileage, I’m using it more than ever. I find the runs fun, even the ones where I’m really pushing myself. The music is awesome, the themed rides are right up my street and for those that don’t work specifically with a coach, the Peloton instructors are great for sharing their expertise with you on the run.

The treadmill workouts and guided outdoor runs are ideal for the days where you’re not really sure what workout you want to complete, if you’re travelling or if you are including cardio into more of a strength based programme. From Fun Runs (this doesn’t mean easy run by the way!), tempo, interval, HIIT, hills, Heart Rate Zone (you’ll need your own HR monitor to fully utilise this, I haven’t tried with my Garmin Fenix 6S yet!) to endurance runs, run/walk and specific warm up/cool downs you could take before and after any of the other classes, this app has you covered!

Run Faster

Even using the beginner runs, I was pushed to run faster than I would have done without the instructor encouraging me. For those wanting to improve their speed then the tempo, interval and hill Peloton runs are ideal.

Improve Endurance

When thinking about endurance, it’s not just about doing the long runs but also working on keeping up sustained periods of increased efforts helps improve overall endurance levels. Interval workouts both on the treadmill and guided outdoor runs are perfect for that!

Develop Strength

Utilise the hill workouts, bootcamp sessions and specific strength for runners workouts to work on your strength.

Build Mileage

I’m always surprised by the mileage I can cover during a tread or outdoor run, even with walking/jogging breaks. When I was starting to run again recently and building mileage, I used a lot of the 20 minute beginner runs to build up slowly and gradually to avoid injury. You can use the app to start at the beginning. Or utilise it as part of marathon or half marathon training

Work on Your Form

I love that the instructors give form pointers during workouts and outdoor runs. But you can also take specific Running Skills classes such as Form and Cadence with Becs Gentry to talk through running drills and form.

Train for a Marathon?

Designed for first or second time marathoners, this complete training plan includes stretches, meditation and strength training for those building up to 26.2. You could also use the app to guide you through speed work, longer runs or easy runs as part of a different marathon training plan.

Peloton Run App Review

Treadmill Runs

I don’t have the Peloton treadmill (although I’m now super tempted to buy one when they become available in the UK) but am able to use the app on my iphone or ipad to follow classes. (If you have an apple tv near your tread, you could use that.) My treadmill is in KM but you can download a table that translates KPH into MPH. Or just use an effort based scale to ensure you’re getting the most from your treadmill workout.

I use treadmill runs when the weather is bad (which has been quite a bit recently in the UK), when I want to do a workout ‘with’ Tom, or if I just want to do something fun. It’s a great way to push your pace with an interval run or HIIT workout, or by making the most of the treadmill functions and getting in a hills run.

I really love that there are running walking treadmill runs. As well as a whole section for walking that is great for all levels of athlete. And I would definitely use those types of workout when travelling. I recently read that one of the best cross-training workouts that runners can do is incline walking. And so am really keen to add in some of the Peloton Hike workouts into my training.

If you get bored on a treadmill, these make the workouts so much fun by adjusting pace and incline regularly. Plus great music and instructors. You could also try a Bootcamp class that alternatives between treadmill running and floor workouts. (Just pop a workout mat next to your tread!)

Weekly Workouts

Outdoor Guided Peloton Runs

Typically I listen to podcasts on the run. However, since testing out the guided outdoor runs, I’ve become a convert. Whilst I still love running with a friend and chatting, or plugging into a podcast for an easy run, the outdoor workouts are ideal for the days when you want to push it a little bit.

These runs don’t talk about pace. Rather, they focus on your perceived effort level on a scale of 1 to 10. Your exertion levels might feel different from day to day. And that’s the beauty of the app. You can turn on the GPS on your Peloton app so that you get a route and pace. (Although I think it’s a little out compared to my Garmin watch app.) As well as pace and distance, you’ll also get elevation data from your run and can link it all to Strava!

There are 10 min warm ups that would be ideal for a long run. Or if you’re running to meet a friend, through to 60 minute marathon prep workouts. The majority of outdoor runs are 20-30 minutes with the option of beginner, intermediate and advanced. Plus guided walks and walk/runs. I’ve made my way through most of the beginner 20 and 30 minute runs. And am looking forward to progressing into longer and more intense runs.

Much like the treadmill runs, I find myself pushing the pace more during these workouts than the runs where I just zone out with a podcast. It takes most of the thought out of it for the runner, and there’s no chance to psych yourself out of the workout as most of the time you don’t know exactly what’s coming until you get started!

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Best Running Instructors

Obviously this is subjective, but my favourite Peloton instructors for an outdoor run or workout classes on the treadmill are Becs Gentry, Matt Wilpers, Matty Maggiacomo and Jess Sims.

I can’t wait to get to take a Tread class on my next trip to NYC!

How Much Does The Peloton App Cost

For those with the Peloton bike or tread, you’ll need the monthly membership of £39 giving you access to live and on demand classes. For those without the bike/tread, the Peloton digital app costs £12.99 a month which gives you access to running, cycling, strength workouts, guided walks and meditation classes. You can get a free trial for 30 days of the app here.

I’m a total convert, and highly recommend others giving it a try, from beginner to advanced level runners. If you’re missing gym classes right now, I really think you’ll like it. You can also utilise the post-run stretch, meditation, yoga, and strength workouts too.

Have you tried Peloton? If so, are you as much of a convert as me? Who are your favourite running instructors? 

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