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Paris Marathon Preparation

Apr 4, 2014 | Uncategorized | 5 comments

If you followed my progress during my NYC marathon, you know that getting my friend Jo to do marathon themed nails was a fun way that I prepared for the big day. Some of the girls that are racing the Manchester, and Paris marathons this weekend were really keen to have their fingers decorated to commemorate the big day too. Luckily, Jo was kind enough to host a group of us and spend the evening creating custom designs for our nails!

Soon to be marathoners….

Jo writes an awesome blog called Dahlia Nails where she and Emma upload a new nail design every single day! She took photos of all our nails once she’d completed them, have a look for a special appearance soon!

I opted for French flags, an Eiffel Tower, 26.2 and some blue and white stripy nails decorated with flowers. They look so pretty and I love how much attention they attract!

photo cred- Leah

After arriving in Paris this morning, we made our way to the marathon expo- luckily although it was the other side of town to our hotel, it was just one metro the whole way there (metro line 12, Port de Versaille for those attending!). No queues, a very easy bib colour swap (I wasn’t even asked why I thought I could run 45mins faster than my previous predicted time!!), and a souvenir t-shirt collected made the whole thing a pretty speedy process. Obviously took a few photos along the way!

I know the time shouldn’t matter, but in this instance, I’m going hard or going home… 

I know a lot of people are racing this weekend, or are in their final taper before next weekend, so GOOD LUCK to everyone! 


  1. Sarah

    Waaah best of luck! You’ll be awesome with those magic fingernails.

  2. Ash Bear

    You’re going to rock every mile! I’m so excited for you!!


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