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I used to think that I had a pretty good, well balanced diet.
Turns out I was wrong.
I eat fruit/vegetables with every meal but truth is that is the extent of my ‘healthiness’. I love all the wrong things; chocolate, crisps, cream, wine, gin, deep-fried stuff, cheese, biscuits, cake- you get the picture. My major problem is I just can’t seem to say NO! And since starting my job working in the food team at a magazine (dream job!) I have realised that I am snacking a lot, and the rubber ring around my stomach seems to be ever-inflating.
It is also possible that I drink too much…
The thought of becoming ‘HEALTHY’ is a slightly overwhelming one- for me anyway. It brings back memories of diets, hunger, headaches and the eventual giving in and stuffing my face with the nearest naughty foodstuff. I also get overwhelmed trying to decipher differing advice on what foods to eat and when. One minute we are told that fruit is full of sugar and to avoid it, the next we are told we should cut out carbs and gorge on meat. I don’t know what to believe!
I have been reading Daily Garnish, a healthy, vegetarian blog for a while now and although I am in awe of Emily’s healthy transition it felt just too much like hard work. (congratulations to Emily and her husband for their new baby boy!)
Until I found Healthy Tipping Point and Carrots’N’Cake, two blogs written by more healthy, fit girls. Tina, from Carrots N Cake seemed to me to have a great balance of health and exercise, she eats meat, cookie dough, ice-cream and cakes but has a balanced diet and fits in a lot of exercise to counter-balance her treats. Plus she looks great.
Caitlin of Healthy Tipping point is another vegetarian blogger- something I am not willing to do (at the moment, if ever!) but she has a great philosophy on healthy; she suggests you give yourself one healthy challenge a day and stick to it. This seemed a lot more realistic than becoming ‘healthy’ all at once.
So I have given myself a weekly healthy challenge.
Week #1: Eat 5 pieces of fruit and veg a day.
And I am going to stick to it.


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