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Nike ID: Trainers I Won’t Be Running In

Jun 7, 2014 | Kit, Running | 4 comments

I own more than a few pairs of trainers that I keep on rotation for running. However these beautiful Nike Frees will not be on that rotation.

Too pretty to run in?!

A couple of months ago Nike gave me the opportunity to design some Nike IDs to celebrate 10 years of Nike Free technology and development.

Nike Free’s come in 3 different height of sole, 3.0, 4.0, 5.0; the bigger the number, the more substantial and supportive the sole. New this year are the Nike Free Flyknits in 3.0 and 4.0 soles. The different sole options are designed to allow runners to choose the amount of flexibility and cushioning they want. The thinner the sole, the more ‘free’ the ride.

I’ve run in the Nike Free 5.0s before and love them for short runs and treadmill workouts. They give a natural barefoot-like feel that helps you feel balanced and like your foot is moving in a natural pattern, whilst delivering a little cushioning, traction and underfoot protection.

The new Frees have a hexagonal pattern on the sole of the shoe, allowing for multi-directional movement, and look very futuristic. As I pronate slightly I opted for the 5.0’s, delivering the most support of the Free range. I love the colours that I opted for- so summery. You can custom design the sole, uppers, laces and tongues, choosing your own laces, Nike tick style and even add your name to the shoe!

With only 5 letters per shoe I opted for RUNNR BEAN!

My feet are quite wide, and I did have to loosen my Frees a bit, so I think the new Flyknit Frees would be a great option for those with wide feet. The Flyknits are the most flexible and stretchy (but sadly aren’t available for customisation just yet).

I wore my new beauties on a walk with Ashley along the River Thames on Sunday morning, as well as to work one day this week and received numerous compliments. They’re so comfortable, I envisage myself wearing these a lot this summer with jeans, dresses, skirts, shorts (you get the picture). I love them. Turns out Sophie and I have very similar taste in trainers!

What colours would you choose? What are your favourite running trainers? 


  1. Mary Moore

    I would love to be able to design my own trainers. I did really want to have a pair of bright yellow ones for my wedding in August, but the groom stuck his foot down and said NO!

    • Charlie

      haha that would be awesome, but I do understand why the groom might not be so keen!

  2. Laura Dryden

    These are Cuuuuute! I love the colour and the laces! It’s cool that you were able to put a name on them to make them personalized to you.

  3. Debbie Rodrigues

    I have always been a Nike fan and I love their stuff, but since I put on my first Asics, I want no other trainers. It is not like they are my own design, but in terms of comfort, they are perfect. I am on my second pair.


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