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Next Athleisure: From Run to Dinner in Next Fitness Kit

Jan 26, 2016 | Uncategorized | 4 comments

The team at Next challenged me to wear Next fitness gear for a full day, for my workout, uni/meetings and to dinner with friends. Originally it was going to be 1 pair of leggings in 3 outfits, but I thought I probably wouldn’t want to wear my sweaty post-workout leggings all day.

Out for a run… 

running in Next Fitness kit

As a rather sweaty runner, I’ve found myself stripping off to my tanks in the milder weather we’ve been having, especially for a short (and supposedly fast) 3 mile run. The waistband pocket of the capris perfectly fits my key and £2.50 for my post run coffee. The soft tank was a nice length and didn’t ride up, (although it was a little see-through).

Uni and meetings… 

Next fitness kit

I love that I can wear casual clothes (ok, fitness kit) to uni and most of my meetings now that I’m freelancing. There are so many pairs of trainers that I’ve got my eye on to wear with casual gear, I’m wearing these to death. I wore the Tech full leggings with Lounge Longline Jumper – I originally opted for the black version of this jumper but realised that pretty much all the workout sweaters I have are black, grey or navy so branched out with this pink number. I’ll wear this before/after workouts, and to my Yin yoga classes on Sunday evenings where the slow pace means it can get a little chilly.

Dinner with my friends…

Next fitness kit Runner Beans

I kept the black leggings on, and paired them with a snazzy pair of flats (go a size up in these) and the navy Woven Back Sweater – loved the button detailing down the back of this casual jumper- I also went a size up in this jumper for a slouchy look.

Here is the kit that I picked up, as well as a few other pieces that I’ve got my eye on. Did you know they also sell branded kit including Nike, Adidas and Under Armour. So with their next day delivery you can get new kit to your door in time for your morning workout – no excuses that all your gear is in the wash!

Next fitness collage1. Fluoro Tech Vest   2. Lounge Longline Jumper  3. Tech Capri Leggings

4.Tech Fleece   5.Khaki Tech Vest    6.Tech Full Leggings

This post is not sponsored but I was given the above clothing (except the trainers). Photos by Will Patrick


  1. Mary

    I like those tech capri leggings. I can never find nice leggings that aren’t just one colour. Clearly I just don’t look in the right places!
    Just clicked through to the website – they’re a great price too! 🙂

  2. Mollie

    Man, this is right up my alley. I’ve been looking for a line like this for a while. I’ve thought about trying Fabletics but it’s just a little flashy for me. Of course, they don’t have Next in the US!! No!! (Unless I read their website wrong?!). I want that sweater.

  3. fionajarrett

    Great pic crossing the road, very abbey road 😉

    • charlotte

      Haha thanks, that’s what I was going for!!


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