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New York Marathon Training – Getting Into Double Digit Miles

Sep 5, 2016 | Running, Running Advice | 11 comments

Another good week of training, I really feel back on track with my running, and I’m so excited to be racing more in the next 8 months, including Royal Parks Half, and Marathon Major number five, the Tokyo marathon in February. If anyone has any Tokyo/Japan travel advice, then I’d love to hear it!

Also I wanted to let you know that Barrecore (one of my absolute fave boutique workouts) is currently offering £75 two week unlimited classes until the end of September – Barre all excuses. (Got to love a good barre pun).

Monday – 3 easy miles in the sunshine.

Tuesday – PT session with Brad from BW Commando Fitness, my quads were so tight both before and after our workout, I spent my recovery time between weights getting a good stretch in.

Wednesday – Amazing yoga class at Another Space.

Thursday – I’m partnering with Holiday Inn to help them launch their Rest and Run clubs, as well as the running routes that will be downloadable from their properties in the future. I led a run club from their Camden Lock location to test out the app and showcase the initiative. We ran 4 miles around Regent’s Park and up Primrose Hill – so tough but always worth the view, before returning to the hotel for breakfast.

Holiday Inn Camden Run Club


Friday – Hill sprints – I swapped this around a little this week to fit in with our plans, so I squeezed in three hill repeats before a meeting with the marquee man for our wedding next summer.

Brooks Running Ghosts 17

Saturday – Wedding dress shopping, then lunch and drinks at Pergola on the roof for a friend’s birthday, followed by another friend’s Dad’s 60th…

Sunday – Was supposed to meet someone for a run, but when they cancelled, I bailed because I was too hungover tired.

Monday – After skipping my long run, I woke up early ready to run, looked outside and could see that it was tipping it down. That’s karma for you right there. I knew I couldn’t put my run off for another day, so got up, ate breakfast while doing some work and eventually got out of the door around 9. I had 10 miles to run, so downloaded some new audiobooks for my long and easy runs, including Amy Schumer’s ‘Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo’ which I’ve just started.

I ran along the Thames from Henley towards Marlow, doing a simple out and back. Each long run takes me further into the countryside, you really do feel like you’re in the middle of nowhere running through the fields with no-one around.

New York Marathon training

Running with Strava means I don’t follow my pace at all, which is a good thing as I’ve lost all speed (and endurance). 10 miles around 9.45 min mile pace.

Question – is it bad luck for the groom to see you in any wedding dress, or just the one you’re going to wear on your wedding day? 

Any audiobooks you’d recommend I download for future long runs? 


  1. Rachael Hallewell


    I ran the Nagano Marathon in Japan back in April. I was aware of the Tokyo marathon taking place earlier in the winter – they had some very warm weather, as did we in April (worst conditions!!). This winter however is predicted to be very cold and snowy; all I am saying is be very prepared for what the conditions could be like on the day!

    I did blog about it all

    And then I went travelling for 6 weeks afterwards:

    Please get in touch if you have any questions about Japan – it’s the most amazing country – definitely go and explore and eat loads of their incredible food!

    Rachael x

    • charlotte

      Oh yes please, eek about the cold weather and snow. At least I will have trained through the British weather for it, and would rather cold than too hot (as I had in Chicago!). Will have a read of your blogs – thanks for sharing!

      • Rachael Hallewell

        I would have definitely rather cold than too hot… I stupidly dehydrated the day before with flying and travelling and then was just a mess from about the 5k mark!! Not good – live and learn!

        Definitely explore Tokyo (get a International Drivers Permit from the Post Office, before you leave £5) and do the Mario Kart thing – Maricar. SO good! Fish market, I think, will have moved, so not sure if it’ll be possible to still go.
        Try and get to Kyoto – it’s stunning there and so many temples. Hire a bike – best way to see the place.
        Do an onsen, karaoke, eat Ramen and as much Japanese food as you can! If you can get out to see Mt Fuji in Hakone it’s beautiful (good place to do an onsen, too).
        Not sure if the blossom will be out too by then – I missed it as I just wasn’t in the right place at the right time!

        Anyway, whatever you do you’ll have an amazing time! Keep training steadily and progressively! 🙂 x

  2. Danielle @ Wild Coast Tales

    Sounds like a great week getting back into training! A long run in the countryside sounds very serene and peaceful. That is so cool you’re doing Tokyo Marathon! A friend of mine ran it this year and seemed to love it.

    • charliedwatson

      I know, I’m so excited. Been googling everything to do with Japan around my trip (and training plans that will allow me to go straight from NYCM to Tokyo training!)

  3. Rachel

    The Tokyo Marathon you’re doing sounds amazing! Can’t wait to hear the post race review, that’s definitely one race I’d love to do if I can get out there.

    I see you’re wearing the Brooks Ghost 9s – how are you finding them? I bought the same shoes two weeks ago – absolutely loving the feel of them, although a little bit slippy when toeing off if the weather is a bit rainy..

    • charliedwatson

      Oh I didn’t find that, and it was wet on my run! Will be doing a full review soon – how are you liking them? So excited for Tokyo – i can’t wait!

  4. hollyrunslondon

    Not an audio book but I’ve been binge listening to the podcast ‘May Dad Wrote a Porno’ on my long runs and am finding it hilarious!

    • charliedwatson

      Have heard that one is great – going to have to download it. Is it as inappropriate for tube listening as Amy Schumer??

  5. Kristy

    I’ve not listened to a lot of audiobooks but Orphan Train by Christina Baker Kline was great.

  6. mygfboston

    I’ve been wedding dress shopping too and keep accidentally almost showing the fiance pictures of dresses on my cell phone! I don’t think it’s bad luck per se but I think it’s more fun if it’s a surprise. Good luck with training–NYC is such a fun race!!


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