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New York Marathon Training: Week 9

Oct 22, 2013 | Uncategorized | 4 comments

All my long runs are done, the mileage is in the bank, the speed is in the legs (hopefully) and it’s taper time! Only 2 weeks left to go until 3rd Nov, and the excitment is building!

Monday– Rest

Tuesday– 400m repeats on the treadmill

15 minute warm up, 8 x 400m run @6.40 min mile pace, with 400m off, 10 min cool down. You can do this on this on the treadmill by taking it down to a walk, or jumping to the side of the treadmill- whichever you feel most comfortable with. Remember if you’re changing speeds that the distance doesn’t start for the 400m until you hit top speed!! See my pinterest boards with some treadmill workout inspiration here.

Wednesday– 45 minutes plus 4 X 100m strides  

Accidentally ran too far from my house and had to really up the speed to make it home with enough time to shower and leave for work. Whoops! Attended a really interesting session at Sweaty Betty, run by Mike from The Running School, about marathon training. Will be sharing some of these tips with you tomorrow!

Thursday– Aqua Spinning Class

Yes, this class is exactly what it sounds like; a spinning class in a pool. I was the only one silly enough to turn up to the 7am class, and so got a private lesson. The bikes are similar, if less high-tech than those you’d find in a spinning studio, and are almost fully submerged in the pool. There’s obviously more resistance on the pedals -my thighs were burning during the sprints and hills, however it’s easy on the joints so great for those with arthritis, injuries or pregnant ladies. Whilst there’s not as much variation as you’d find in a 45min indoor cycling class, where you can adjust speed and resistance far more, there are other challenges-like hanging off the back of the bike, pedalling whilst using your arms to keep you afloat. The best thing about the class, other than burning 800 cals, apparently, is the lack of soreness the next day. Perfect cross-training! Note

Friday– 60 minute slow run

 More like a shuffle- didn’t wear my watch, listened to a podcast and enjoyed the quietness of the early morning.

Saturday– 14.5 Miles as part of Whole Foods Market Women’s Only Run

A mentally and physically challenging last long run- I was so glad that I was doing this as part of a race otherwise I think my pace would have slowed dramatically towards the end. Finished 14.5 miles with an average pace of 9.33 min miles. Was so lucky to get to run with, and be supported by so many of my running friends, and Tom (who was less than impressed that the race started so far away from where he had parked!).

Sunday– Rest


  1. Patty (

    Can’t believe there are less than 2 weeks left. I havent been able to run in 10 days and am freaking out! I have been doing an hour of cross training every day but I hope it’s enough =( What corral and wave are you?

    • Charlie

      I know! I’m in green wave 2, corral 34! How about you?

  2. Liz's Home and Garden Blog

    Can I just say – you’re looking fantastic?! Marathon training is obviously agreeing with you…I’ve got a stupid question. I don’t often run on a treadmill as I much prefer to be outside, but will probably end up doing so to get my fix this winter. How do you know how fast each setting is? I.e. how to you know what speed to select so that you’re running at a 6.40 minute mile pace or whatever? Thanks! x


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