New York Marathon Training Week 6

With two days in Denmark this week, and the lurgie towards the end of the week, training hasn’t been perfect. When you can’t fit everything in, it’s important to prioritise the speed work and the long runs. Make the most of the runs you do have time for, rather than just running ‘junk’ miles.

I wanted to include more pilates and weights into my training this week, to hopefully strengthen and stretch my body and help prevent injury. Sadly, I didn’t have the time to fit it in, but am going to schedule in at least one weights class and one pilates class next week!

Monday– Rest
Tuesday– 40 mins  @9.40 pace
Hard to get up, even harder to keep running on the World’s oldest treadmill at our hotel; no visual stimulisation, an odd clicking noise as I ran and windows into the street on both sides of the gym. Not ideal, but 40 mins, done.

After hating a lot of recent treadmill runs, I made up this incline interval treadmill workout, to make the workout a little more interesting. I need to practise hill running during this training schedule to prepare me for the killer hills and bridges in NYC. 
Thursday– 7 Miles- 2 x 3 miles @sub 9.30 pace
Last time I was training for a marathon, the furthest I ran during the week was 5 miles- so fitting in longer mileage during the week is something that I am finding tough. I prefer to get my workouts and runs done in the morning, but getting up so early that it’s still dark really limits the safe areas to run- I either need to run along well lit roads or find a running partner! This run was a warm up, 2 x 3 miles @9.30 pace, with a 4 min break after each set, cool down. 
Friday– Rest

I was supposed to run home from work, but after a long day on my feet (and some gorgeous flowers form a colleague) I decided to skip the run and get the tube home instead! 

Ran 20 Miles along the Thames Path with Ashley, listening to the ‘Stuff Mom never told you’ podcast, and trying out some different fuelling methods. Ashley’s goal pace was about 10.25 min per mile, and although we started out a little faster than that, our average pace for the run was 10.23! We did have some technology failures during the run, with my garmin taking an age to find satellites, and my Runkeeper going mad towards the end of our run, but 20 miles is 20 miles!

Sunday– Rest/Stay in bed with the lurgie…
…dosing up on vitamin C and hoping that this illness doesn’t take hold. Drinking lots of water, Nuun, tea and tomato juice, as well as loading up on fresh vegetables! 
I am running with New York Marathon with 2.09 events, with a Media spot It’s not too late to sign up to run the NYCM with them this year too. Follow my training on Handbag and on the blog! 

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  1. October 1, 2013 / 1:06 pm

    I agree that it’s hard to get long run in during the week, especially now it’s pitch black by 7.30pm! 5 weeks to go!xx

  2. October 1, 2013 / 1:35 pm

    Definitely find a running buddy! It’s nice to have company in the morning and someone to motivate you to get up to run that far that early! I’m trying to fit in more XT too, so this morning I hit the pool. I feel great, but I can’t move my arms!

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