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New York Marathon Training: Week 5

Sep 24, 2013 | Running | 1 comment

I was determined to have this post ready on a Monday for once, but it seems like it comes round so quickly, and yet again, it is Tuesday morning and only just going live. This week I feel like I’ve got my running mojo back! Although I haven’t felt as fast, and not all my runs have fit my plan exactly, but I felt strong, both mentally and physically during my 18 mile long run. I’ve prioritised running this week, which is great for training, however, next week I want to include a few more cross training sessions.

Week of Workouts

Monday– Rest

After the duathlon on Sunday, my legs were in no fit state to run today.

Tuesday– 45min plus 4 x 100m strides and Frame Rave

Ran 5 steady miles, including 4 x 100m strides before heading to Sweaty Betty’s free class of the month. They’ve teamed up with Frame to put on Frame Rave classes. These are ‘dance’ classes done with glo sticks- although for those like me that don’t have an ounce of rhythm, you can just jump about for 45 minutes. I worked up quite the sweat, both from jumping and laughing!

Wednesday– Mile Repeats with 1 min break between

This was my first time doing mile repeats, but they’re pretty self explanatory. I did a 10 min warm up (it’s exactly 1 mile from my house to my new ‘mile repeat’ spot on the river!!), hid my waterbottle behind someone’s car, and set off on my first mile. Gia told me to stick aim for 8.40-8.55 pace. My first mile was a little fast 8.09, but I was more on target for the following 3- 8.32, 8.32, 8.30. I was meant to run 5 or 6 mile repeats, but managed 4 before running out of time. I also managed to chase around the Rubbish Truck for most of my run- not ideal. 10 min cool down. 6 miles in 53.23 (which would actually beat my 10K PB!)

I took my new Adidas Boost for their first outing, and it was love at first run!

Thursday– 3 Treadmill Miles

I thought I’d woken up too late to run, but managed to sneak in a 30min treadmill run @9.40min mile pace, but that had a few hills (incline 6.0) and a few sprints (30 seconds at 10.0) on the treadmill to mix it up a little.

Friday18 miles

I did my long run before work this week. It was horrid getting up at 5am before a full day at work, but it was amazing starting the weekend knowing I’d completed my long run. I had a friend’s birthday dinner on Friday night, and Tom’s Dad’s 60th on Saturday, so a long run on Saturday morning wasn’t all that appealing, and I was travelling with work on Sunday.

Saturday– Rest

Had a great day at Tom’s Dad’s 60th! We ate lots, drank lots and had cuddles with Tom’s nephew and niece, his niece is only 3 weeks old and is so gorgeous!

Sunday– 3.5 mile run along the beach

I’m on a work trip to Denmark at the moment, and didn’t know whether I’d get a chance to run. I packed my running kit just incase, and I was especially excited as it was my new Lululemon outfit that I packed!

I ran along the beach and it was gorgeous, if a little windy! I ran an out and back from the hotel, and thought I would run to the Lighthouse. It actually turned out to be a lot further away than it looked, so I admired it from a distance.

I am running with New York Marathon with 2.09 events, with a Media spot It’s not too late to sign up to run the NYCM with them this year too. Follow my training on Handbag and on the blog! 

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  1. Stephanie M

    Love your beach shot! I have real outfit envy. I admire your determination of a 5am start. I’ll have to come and join you one day 😉


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