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New York Marathon Training Week 4

Sep 19, 2013 | Running | 14 comments

This week hasn’t gone exactly to plan. Work schedules, delayed flights (resulting in 3 hours sleep one night) and a few too many lazy days sitting by the pool on holiday have meant that I haven’t stuck to this week’s training plan, and although I did manage to run 5 times, they were certainly not all quality runs. Whilst I appreciate that marathon training can’t always take priority in life, I want a sub 4.30 marathon and know that to get that, I need to put in the work!

I also read some not so nice things on a blogger hating website- my own fault for reading it, but it still hurts. Just to be really clear, I have a media spot for the New York Marathon with 2.09 events, I am working with them for and not through the blog (blogging my training on here is just a bonus for me!) and the relationship came through my paid job, not through blogging. I The Runner Beans as a hobby, and am not paid for it. Whilst I have recieved some products/races to review on the blog, I haven’t been paid for any of my posts, and always try to give honest, unbiased feedback. Thank you to those that have been supporting me during my training, I really appreciate all of your encouragement!

After that little outburst, here’s how this week’s training went;

Monday– 4 Miles @10min mile pace

As I mentioned, I was on holiday with friends in Portugal this week, and found it quite tough to work out whilst my friends were relaxing by the pool! I managed to hit the gym for a 40 min run, taking advantage of the air con, and watched two episodes of The Big Bang Theory. Sometimes it’s easiest for me to zone out and watch something whilst running on the treadmill, it works in a similar way to listening to pod casts!

Tuesday– Rest/sat by the pool

Wednesday– Ran for 35 hot and hilly minutes

I set out later than planned, and managed 35 mins around the jogging tracks (they were actually all along roads and not very pretty at all!) in the heat before calling it a day, and treating myself to Brioche French Toast at the golf club with Tom. A great decision.

Thursday– Rest

After a very delayed flight, three hours sleep and a long day at work, the last thing I felt like doing was running. So I didn’t.

Friday– 3.5 mile run (naked)

Naked- aka. without my watch or any other timer. I ran my fail-safe river run in the pouring rain, and it was miserable. I knew I’d feel better afterwards, but it was hard to motivate myself to leave the house, then when I went to buy my celebratory PB kit kat (always bring some tuck money on a run!) the shop was shut!!! (I wore my Women’s Running 10K t-shirt, and remembered why I hate running in t-shirts!)

Saturday– 3.1 miles at Gloanna Yoga Run

3.1 casual miles around Battersea Park with no idea of pace, high fiving the marshalls, before hitting the mat for a yoga class. If you’ve read my review of the class or read my blog in the past, you will know I am not a Yogi, and I did struggle to keep up in the intermediate/advanced class! A good, if challenging, full body stretch!

Sunday– 10 Miles @9.30 pace, plus 6 miles as part of the London Duathlon

10 lovely, peaceful miles along the River Thames, from Richmond to Kingston and up to Richmond Park. Upon reaching the park, I hit the hills, and had a major wake up call that hills need to become a bigger part of my training if I am going to tackle them confidently during the New York Marathon.

After my 10 miles, I watched Tom and friends complete in their own heats of the London Duathlon, before starting my own Super Sprint distance. This involved a 5K run, 11K bike and 5K run. It was tough, both mentally and physically, and the hills and pouring rain did not help. But it was great practise for running on tired legs, and for putting mind over matter. 16 miles run in total for the day- and an 8.30pm bed time afterwards!

I am running with New York Marathon with 2.09 events, with a Media spot through It’s not too late to sign up to run the NYCM with them this year too. Follow my training on Handbag and on the blog!

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  1. Stephanie M

    Well done, you did better than me on holiday, I ended up with one poor quality run in 10 days, really feeling it now! Love the post duathalon picture. Sometimes it’s best to listen to your body, so don’t be hard on your self, this looks like a good weeks training to me.

    Stuff the haters, haters always gonna hate


    • Charlie

      Thank you so much, one nice comment makes it all worth it. I agree sometime sleep/rest and a few glasses of rose are well worth a missed run! I’m sure you’ll bounce back quickly!

  2. Tess @ FitBits

    What a week you’ve had! And what’s this about a blogger hating website?! Are there such things? Well done on your duathlon and 10 miler beforehand – I can’t believe you did that before, I was knackered after the Super Sprint alone! What a great day though! x

    • Charlie

      Thank you! The website is horrid, and full of negative comments, do not recommend it. It was a great day, just wish the sunshine had stayed out for our Super Sprint, would have been lovely to meet you too!! I wonder if we ran past each other!

    • Tess @ FitBits

      Yeah I did feel kinda bad making my cheerleaders stand outside in the rain for pretty much the whole of our heat. I think we probably did go past each other at one point or another, I do remember saying to someone on the bike lap how the hell are we meant to run after this which I see you’ve mentioned in your race report, but I did say that quite a few times to anyone who would listen! Are you going to the WTR conference in November?

    • Charlie

      I hope so! OOh what were you wearing?

    • Charlie

      amazing, I do think I saw you on the run but don;t think we spoke!!

    • Tess Langley

      Haha well I was too much in the zone to notice anyone – I did bump into little Miss Wheezy on the first run though. Anyway – good luck with your training and maybe see you in Nov! x

  3. Zoe M

    I think you had a pretty decent week considering you were on holiday!xxx

    • Charlie

      Thanks, it actually looks better on paper than it felt! xxx

  4. anniegetyourrun

    Now all I want to do is go to Portugal instead of run!!

    • Charlie

      Me too!! It’s raining in London, again!

  5. Liz's Home and Garden Blog

    I’m sorry to hear about the negative comments – those sites make me quite angry. Why don’t these people get some creativity and guts and publish their own blogs instead of making negative comments about other people’s! I really like your blog, and find it very encouraging – it’s also such fun to read a British healthy living blogger, makes it seem more real and achievable somehow!

    I’ve just come back from a week’s holiday and am thinking about half-marathon training (not for any particular reason, just to run 13.1 miles) so your post was timely and useful. – thanks.


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