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New York Marathon Training: Week 2

Sep 3, 2013 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

And another week of training is over.

This week I started following Gia’s training plan, which focuses a lot more on pace than previous plans have. Whilst I am aiming for 10-10.15 min miles during my long runs, I am training at 9.30 min miles during easy runs, and 9 min miles during tempo runs. Altering paces helps improve fitness and strength whilst preparing me for race day performance. I am trying to get my body used to the pace that I need to run for 26.2 miles (aargh!) so that I don’t need to keep checking my watch for my speed.

Here are this week’s workouts;
Monday– Rest
Tuesday– 40 Minute Run with 4 X 100m Strides
This was my first paced run for this training cycle, my legs felt heavy but not sore, and I maintained a 9.25 min mile average pace for the 4.25 mile run. 
What are Strides? Strides are easy sprints, done at 70-80% of your maximum effort. A mixture between a full sprint and a relaxed, fast paced run. Strides are included in training plans as they encourage a more economical running style, develops quick feet, and increases stride frequency.

Wednesday– Pilates and Track Session
I enjoyed my favourite pilates class of the week with Holly, who is a great instructor. After work was the penultimate Sweaty Speed Session at Regent’s Park Track. This week, everyone was feeling a little tired, or were nursing injuries, so our session focused on games, and a few 100m sprints. I also took on a few Yasso 800s
Thursday– Treadmill Run and Outdoor Spinning Class

I got up early to go to a Crossfit Vauxhall, but annoyingly, after problems with the tube, I knew I wasn’t going to make it on time. I made the decision to head to the gym instead to run on the treadmill. I did a 15 min warm up jog, 2 miles @9 min mile pace, 15 min cool down jog. I listened to one of Jillian Michael’s podcasts, I love her podcasts and find them so inspirational.

After work, I went to an outdoor spinning class on Clapham Common with my friend Loz. It was a brilliant workout, and great cross training. 

Friday– PT ‘squat’ session

After chatting with a Personal Trainer about Crossfit, he offered to give me a few training sessions to go over the basics. After discovering that my squat form wasn’t great in one of my Crossfit Foundation classes, I asked if we could go over squatting form. We worked on back squats, front squats, overhead squats and push press. I worked on sticking my bum back, staying balanced and squatting low enough to hit the seat! After what felt like hundreds of squats, Stephen then had me complete an AMRAP (such a crossfit term! ‘as many reps as possible’) of 3 back squats, 5 burpees with pushups and 5 sit ups.

Saturday– Rest
Sunday– 7 Miles

It was really tough to get myself motivated to run on Sunday morning. I only had 10 miles to run, but I just couldn’t get myself going. I took to twitter for some inspiration, ‘Pinch Punch, off you go’ from Rhianon helped me lace up my shoes, put on my running backpack and head out. I set off aiming for 10 miles, but would have been happy with anything over 6! I ran from home towards Piccadilly, without my garmin and just ran on feel. I actually surprised myself and averaged 8.23 min miles for 7 miles. My route took me past Kensington Palace, where there were tributes to Princess Diana. Even 16 years on, she is still in people’s hearts and minds.

I am running with New York Marathon with 2.09 events,I have a media spot through It’s not too late to sign up to run the NYCM with them this year too. Follow my training on Handbag and on the blog!

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