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New York City Marathon Outfit

Oct 28, 2013 | Kit, Running | 5 comments

It could also be known as ‘my jolly hockey-sticks outfit’ as Katie put it!

Whoops, this actually IS from my jolly hockey sticks days… 
The skirt has divided opinion on twitter and instagram, and appears to be a little like marmite-loved or hated! I met up with Jess to run my final double digits run before NYCM next weekend and thought it was the perfect opportunity to test out my ‘if it’s warm’ marathon outfit.

From top to bottom (scraggly plait, my own);
I showed Jess my favourite trails along the Thames whilst testing out the Pacesetter’s numerous pockets-perfect for gels, phones, and anything else you might want to tuck away! I actually ran in my Run Swiftly Long Sleeve top but quickly regretted it! I’ll take being a little cold when running over being too hot! (Oh and if you have a beady eye, you’ll see I ran in my Brooks Ravenna’s, they will also be coming to NYC, just in case!)
I am obsessed with these compression socks from Run Mummy Run, I know they’re not to everyone’s taste but I love the bright colours and patterns. I’m hoping they’ll help my Mum spot me amongst the crowds next weekend! I’m also hoping to pick up a pair or two of Pro Compression’s long compression socks at the expo!

We ran 10 miles along the river, from Hammersmith Bridge and back again, I loved hearing about Jess’s Paris marathon plans (wish I was running it!). I don’t think she loved making her hide while we were stretching near the station and I saw an ex-boyfriend though!
I’m feeling prepared and excited about the 26.2 miles that I’ve got to run next weekend, and cannot wait to do it in New York City! I feel like I look like a less cool version of Skinny Runner!! If only I can emulate some if her pace on the course next week too!

After my run, Amanda and I went to our favourite Chiswick brunch spot, Outsider Tart, and shared the Chilli eggs and French Toast. If you are ever in West London, you HAVE to go there. I had tweeted to say that we were headed there, and the owner came out and congratulated me on my run! Such a lovely guy!

For more mouthwatering brunches, follow me on instagram @therunnerbeans
Thank you Lululemon London for the pacesetter skirt and run swiftly long sleeve top! I paid for all other aspects of my outfit! 


  1. Emskibeach

    I wouldn’t run in the skirt because I don’t have the figure for it but I think you look fab chick embrace the skirt! I love the pink top though and the long sleeved version. Haha I love the fact you did from an ex I would totally do that too – you didn’t have to jump in a bush or anything though right?”

    • Charlie

      No just behind a pillar at the station!! Thanks for the compliments, anyone can wear a run skirt as long as you wear it with pride!! xx

  2. Aimee Walker

    Wow girl you are looking gooood! Love the outfit and especially the skirt and compression socks. You look gorgeous! So excited to hear about your marathon! 🙂

  3. mia79gbr

    Loving those socks!! Gorgeous!!

  4. ava

    Go girl! Outfit looks awesome and so as your smile!


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