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New Kicks: Brooks Ravenna 4’s Review

Apr 29, 2013 | Kit, Running | 6 comments

I’m absolutely loving my new running shoes.

New Brooks Ravenna Running Shoes

A couple of weeks ago I visited my local Sweatshop to try out some new trainers. My old Asics were giving me blisters, and were not providing enough cushioning anymore. I was tempted to try some other brands, including Mizuno’s and Brooks.

Mizuno Wave Alchemy 12 Shoes

I originally tried the Mizuno Wave Alchemy 12s that were really light and bouncy, however they didn’t have much cushioning and felt a bit too minimalist for my feet! My shins and ankles didn’t feel supported enough. I will definitely try some other Mizuno’s in the future and want to try more minimalist/barefoot shoes in the next few months, however, at the moment I am after a pair of replacement ‘long run’ trainers.

The great thing about Sweatshop is their policy that allows you to swap your trainers within 30 days, even if you have worn them outside!

I swapped the Mizuno’s for a very jazzy pair of Brooks Ravenna 4’s.

Brooks Ravenna 4 Running Shoes

What’s not to love about purple shoes with neon laces?

The Ravenna 4’s are designed for ‘in-between’ feet- with a medium amount of support. They have quite a bit of cushioning, and your feet feel like they’re getting a hug when you put them on! They’re great for running on pavements, as they feel like they protect your knees, hips and ankles more than other trainers. They are very bouncy and despite the cushioning, remain very flexible.

I’ve been running in the Ravenna’s for about 2 weeks now, and am loving them. I ran today in them at my weekly Nike and Elle Magazine run club, training for the We Own the Night 10K in May. 

We Own the Night 10K

I ran in the Intermediate group again this week, with the plan to run 1Km intervals, 1K slowish 1K faster, for 7K. This didn’t really seem to happen, as my splits were all around 8.30min miles!

I ended up in the middle of the group, running on my own. I made it my goal to catch up with the front group, which I did! It’s easy to run at a pace you’re comfortable at, and much harder to push yourself. I am guilty of often not pushing myself as much as I should do, so next week I am going to ensure I am in the front group again! I am only going to get faster by running faster!

What running shoes do you wear? Have you tried minimalist shoes?


  1. Louise

    Hey Charlie, I am also considering a change of running shoe and have been an Asics girl for the last few years. I tried the new Nike Flyknit at the Somerset House launch they did a couple of months ago and I have to say they were so light compared to my Asics. I’m a little wary of changing running shoes and making the transition to minimalist shoes as I’m scared of injuries and the lack of support. Love the idea of Sweatshop and being able to swap within 30 days – think I will definitely give Sweatshop a try! Thanks for the inspiration!

    • Charlie

      Thanks, I like light shoes but too minimalist and it begins to strain my legs, knees and feet!

  2. Beki

    Yay glad they’re working out so well for you! I was wearing Mizuno Wave Nexus shoes before, and am still getting used to the Ravenna’s, but I love the colours 🙂 Great to see you yesterday! Beki x

  3. KW

    I went from the Asics Nimbus to the Brooks Pure Cadence. It’s on the inbetweeen side, as well, but it’s more to the minimalist shoe. I really love them. I also have a pair of Newtons, but I haven’t worn them yet.

  4. Brittany Chapin

    I’ve seen a lot of fellow running bloggers doing reviews on the Ravenna 4s. I am intrigued to try them… I usually run in Asics Gel Nimbus…

    • Charlie

      It seems like a lot of people who love Asics also like Brooks, I think they have similar cushioning for an in-between foot!


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