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My Weekend in Numbers

Aug 12, 2013 | Lifestyle, Running | 6 comments

This post could also be titled…The Weekend We Flew to the Isle of Wight for lunch.
8– the number of miles that Leah and I ran on Saturday morning, along the Thames tow path. It wasn’t pretty, it was painful but we got them done.
2– the number of times I thought I was going to be sick on the 8 mile run, (told you it wasn’t pretty!). After a fun night at Bubbledogseating hot dogs (highly recommend the truffle mayo on the hot dogs) and drinking champagne, I wasn’t feel too fresh the next morning.
30Whole30 to be precise, I made breakfast for Leah, Tom and Jason before we left that was Whole30 friendly for Leah. Chorizo scrambled eggs, avocado, tomatoes, cherries, blueberries, raspberries and mango. (Find out more about Whole30 here or on Leah’s blog!)

200– miles an hour, the pace that we travelled from the airfield that Tom works at to the Isle of Wight. (It is seriously cool having a pilot as a boyfriend who can fly my friends and I around- like having a private jet. Almost.)
4– very smug, happy people sitting on the beach having lunch on the Isle of Wight in Bembridge. If you are ever there I highly recommend eating at The Beach Hut.

½– a lobster, many prawns and some crab are what Leah and I ate for lunch. The boys came all the way to the beach and had chicken Caesar wraps!

70-mins, the amount of time we were in the air. The views were amazing, although the ride was a little bumpy. Jason got to fly the plane for a while which was really cool, although it made Leah a bit nervous!

7– of my best girl friends and I watched Mean Girls at the open air cinema in Somerset House. It was the perfect evening for it, and we enjoyed a large picnic before the film. Fun fact for you (actually quite embarrassing), at school my group of girls and I were called the Plastics, whilst the other girl group in our year were called the EB’s (evil b*tches).
9– min miles, all of our miles were under this speed on a Sunday morning run with my friend Leo. We ran to South Ken to meet another friend for a well-deserved brunch.
50+– approx. number of times my friends and I laughed whilst watching Pitch Perfect on Sunday night.

Hope you had a great weekend.


  1. Mary

    Looks like an awesome weekend, and it is very cool that your boyfriend is a pilot and can fly you around! 🙂
    That fruity breakfast looks great and is inspiring me to create a fruit-filled breakfast for tomorrow. I love all of the colour in the dish.

    • Charlie

      glad it inspired you! yes it can be very cool to be dating a pilot!!

  2. Unknown

    That sounds absolutely amazing! 🙂 Flying to lunch? Rockstar status! I also love the numbers post.

    • Charlie

      It felt pretty awesome! glad you like the post, thanks for reading.

  3. FitBits Tess

    Sounds like the best weekend ever. So cool that your boyfriend is a pilot – is it scary flying? I’ve only flew a few times but in big planes. Love the IOW too. You guys could totally miss the crowds for Bestival and IOW festival if you flew over 😀

    • Charlie

      Yes, it was pretty scary! Leah was holding on for dear life!! I think there may be bans from flying over festival except for official photography but might be something to try!


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