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My Interview with Deliciously Ella

Apr 10, 2014 | Recipe | 0 comments

There are some blogs that I read regularly, whose authors have become almost celebs in their own way. They share so much of their lives through their blogs that we know an embarrassing amount about them without really knowing them.

Deliciously Ella is one of the blogs that I love to read, ogle over her food and particularly her photos. I was so overly excited (and a little nervous) when I had the opportunity to meet and chat with her a few weeks ago. I asked her some questions, including if she minded having a selfie with me. She’s so friendly, smiley and just a lovely girl. She follows a vegan, gluten and sugar free diet, after suffering with Postural Tachycardia syndrome (an illness affecting the nervous system that causes the heart to race when standing up). No conventional medicine seemed to work, so Ella overhauled her diet and lifestyle, and has never felt better!

Read the first part of my interview with Ella here.
I love reading your blog for inspiration, what blogs do you read and love?
Do you take your own photos for your blog? And if so, do you have any tips for food bloggers?
Yes, I don’t do the videos but I take all the photos for the blog. I would say natural light is the most important thing- remember it gets dark in photographs before it looks dark outside! I’ve also found that everything looks better in bowls rather than plates. I think props are really important and stock up at places like Anthropologie. I’ve only got one of each thing though, so when friends come round for dinner they get a mish mash of crockery and cutlery!
What’s your go-to breakfast?
I love smoothies. My favourite is oats, almond butter, banana, frozen berries, avocado and some water. Sometimes I’ll add some hemp protein powder in too. It is full of fibre, and the avocado makes it feel really creamy.
Is there anything you miss by having a vegan, gluten and sugar free diet?
No, not at all. Of course I did at the beginning; it took 3 months to be into it, and 6 months to completely see the light. I can see why people like a steak or a chocolate cake, but I don’t crave them. The only thing I can’t seem to replicate, and do sort of miss, is a fresh fromthe oven thin crust pizza!
Do you find it hard when you travel abroad?
Yep it can be really tough, and because my body is so sensitive if I do eat something that’s not right, I can get really ill and that ruins the trip. We often choose self-catered accommodation which makes it easier, plus I really love cooking so it’s fun to do it on holiday. I pack a mini blender with me to use when I’m away. If I’m going somewhere for the weekend, I’ll bring Biona gluten free bread, nut butter and snack bars with me, it is expensive but it means that there’s always something easy I can eat.
Do you have any tips for people getting creative in the kitchen?
Take off the time pressure, and don’t be nervous about messing up. Adapt recipes that you see for your tastes and according to the produce and ingredients that you have. Above all, have confidence in yourself and your ability.

Thank you so much to Ella for meeting with me, I can’t wait to get her book (she’s currently working on it so not sure when it will be released!) 
Which celeb or blogger would you most like to meet in real life? 


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