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My Favourite Yoga Class

Jan 18, 2014 | Uncategorized | 5 comments

My new ideal Friday night begins with a 75 minute yoga class at Goodvibes Fitzrovia. It’s most definitely my favourite yoga class. With 50 minutes of sweaty dynamic flow ‘Yang’ yoga that builds strength and stamina. My arms and legs are usually shaking throughout this fast paced part of the class.

Wearing my new Lululemon bright pink top. Normally I don’t wear sweat wicking clothes to yoga, but this hot yoga class is certainly one you do want to be wearing it to. I’d also recommend bringing a small towel and bottle of water to class. The first time I took this class I couldn’t’ believe how much the Vinyasa flow moves have my heart pounding and sweat dripping.

I can touch my toes!!

Last night was class 10 of my 21daysofyoga challenge and I am feeling the difference. It was the first time I’ve been able to touch my toes in a forward fold! So exciting. I also feel like I finally ‘get’ yoga, I am learning the moves and although I still struggle with a lot of them, I don’t feel lost in a class full of intermediate and advanced yogis.

The second part of the Yang and Yin yoga class is the Yin section. You hold restorative poses that open and release areas of your body- this is SO much harder than it sounds as it’s usually hip openers and mine are tight! Poses are held for up to 5 minutes to ‘encourage fascia, connective tissue that is found everywhere in the body, surrounding bones, muscles, ligaments and tendons, to ease and open. This results in deep releases into tight spots and areas of holding, a deeper connection with the breath as the diaphragm and intercostal muscles become less constricted along with a calm awareness of mind.’

The final part of class is Yoga Nidra- also known as yoga sleep. It is amazing. We’re given an eye pillow so that we can fully relax but at the same time, bringing awareness to the muscles and focusing on releasing tension across the body.

For me, the best Yang and Yin classes are taught by Choi Kok. She is tough and really pushes us to work hard. Each week is different, whilst still including many of the core vinyasa moves. Her class is one of the few that I don’t look at the clock, and enjoy every minute, no matter how tricky a position is. Choi knows that a lot of us are runners, so she targets a lot of hip openers and IT band stretches, making a point to tell us which positions and moves are particularly good for us.

It’s amazing that in this massive city, I have never been to this class and not known at least one friendly face in the room. Whenever Ashley is in London for the weekend we meet up at this class – we always have the same spot at the front of the class. I love having people to chat to before and after class, usually to discuss how hard the class was and how sweaty we are. Lots of the girls that go are also training for marathons so we’ll also discuss upcoming long runs and training plans.

After class last night, I got ready to go to a friend’s birthday drinks. I find it great preparation before a Friday night with friends to have taken some time to sweat, stretch and relax, although slightly sweaty gym kit in my handbag at the pub isn’t ideal!

What’s your favourite class? Is it a particular yoga class, weights class, spinning session? 



    I used to live in Seattle, and there was an amazing studio that did spin/ yoga classes (45 minutes of spin/ 30 minutes of yoga). It was my favorite class ever, but I recently moved to Washington, DC, and there are no studios that offer anything similar! Yoga is great though – one my favorite workouts.

  2. Jess

    Love following your blog at the mo 🙂 I’ve been trying some different yoga classes too.. went to a power hour yoga class on Wenesday and my arms are still aching! Also , I discovered the luluLemon showroom yesterday… all i can say is, I want it all! Jess x

    • Elle Linton

      Hey Jess, I work at the lululemon showroom and it’s sooooo hard not to buy everything! haha! The store opens in Spring…we will be spoilt for choice then for sure!

  3. Elle Linton

    Such a shame I can never make it to this class, sounds great!

    My current favourite class is Rocket Yoga with Marcus Veda. I try to go at least once a week on Sunday evening and sometimes on a Friday evening!

    I also just completed day 13 of my 21 days! …think a rest day is in order tomorrow…maybe!

  4. kathyqruns

    Good for you! I am loving this challenge. I might not hit 21 days, but I have been going to yoga classes three times/week, the most I have ever done, so that feels great. I definitely feel both stronger and calmer due to more frequent yoga.


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