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Mountain Biking

Oct 23, 2012 | Active Travel | 0 comments

Today was action packed, well in the most part. We were up early to hit the gym to each complete an interval workout. I had printed out some workouts that I adapted from PBfingers before we left- an incline walking workout for my Mum and a half hour interval running workout for myself.

The view from the treadmills was awesome- if only this was my view every time I ran at the gym, it might make the workouts a little more exciting!

We spent the rest of the day relaxing by the pool, reading, listening to music and swimming. The pool area was so peaceful… until about 15 children descended on it, then it became a less relaxing place to be! But I’m not complaining, it is so nice to be able to chill out and enjoy the sunshine!

At 4 o clock, we had a mountain biking trip scheduled. Mum was very keen to do the 18km ‘challenging’ route, whilst I was drawn to the 9km FLAT route. Mum won out and said it would be fun.

It was fun! The bikes were good quality and we had a lovely guide called Theo.

We didn’t realise how hard it would be cycling on the sand. Apparently the key things you need to get you through the sand are Power and Balance- both of which I think I am lacking. I found it so tough! We decided to cut our route short and avoid the major hills. I think Mum and I were both relieved.

We finished off cycling 10.6 miles- not too bad! The scenery was beautiful, although we didn’t see much wildlife. Hopefully we will see more wildlife on our nature drive tomorrow morning!

Apparently all of the animals have been introduced to the park over the last 40 years, and are from various locations that share a similar climate, including South Africa, Northern Africa, and the Arabian desert.


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