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Marathon Training Update

Mar 12, 2015 | Active Travel, Running, Travel | 0 comments

Sadly not mine- although I have entered the Chicago Marathon in October and am leaving it up to the fates to decide!!

But Tom is still running the London Marathon this year, along with Susan, the Holiday Inn (the official hotel partner of the VLM) marathon entry winner. Tom and I went for a long run on Valentine’s Day a few weeks ago (eek a month!) It was sort of romantic!


It was a gorgeous sunny day along the Thames. Tom and I ran up from Chiswick to Putney bridge, where we bumped into our friend Phil! You just never know who you’re going to bump into when out for a run in West London. From Putney we headed back down to Hammersmith bridge, where I headed home and Tom continued out on his 14 miler. I finished off with 8 miles, stopping at the butcher on the way home to pick up some eggs and bacon for Valentine’s brekkie.

Tom’s training is going pretty well, although he and I don’t necessarily agree on his training plan! He is at least taking advice on some things like kit and nutrition. I thought it would be fun to get Tom and Susan to answer some questions to get to know them a little better!

Is this your first marathon?


Susan: It will be my 3rd time running London. I have also got round Berlin, New York, Paris and Singapore but speed has reduced as age has increased…. Looking to reverse that this year 🙂

Why did you want to run the VLM?

Tom: Mainly for the challenge. Having watched you and the other thousands run whilst spectating, I thought it would be a doable challenge for the beginning of 2015. Of course there is the fitness element, if I don’t have a challenge or goal I struggle to exercise. Lastly, I entered the ballot not really thinking I would get a place, having been selected, I would be stupid to turn it down.  


Susan: Crossing the finish line in London the first time was the second best day of my life – running step for step with one of my best friends and two of our other best mates just behind us- we had all met through rugby and decided to run a marathon together when we hung up our rugby boots- none of us were runners so training, fund raising and completing this together was an amazing experience.

2nd time I had a ballot place and I ran to raise funds to allow Kevin, a friend, who inspired me to run and who was terminally ill to fulfil one of his dreams, trekking on the Great Wall of china. With support of so many friends and our local community we did this and myself and another friend self funded and went with him. He passed away 4.5 months after fulfilling this dream.

I want to run VLM this year with Elaine to inspire her to believe that anything is possible when you set your mind to it. Also the mantra so many of my friends frequently hear from me” because I/we can and we are doing it for all those who would love to and can’t. Liz who crossed the line with me on our first marathon journey will be running with Elaine and I along with another friend who it will be the first marathon for.

How did you get into running?

Tom:I wouldn’t necessarily say ‘i am into running’. I have always been quite sporty from my school days, although this deteriorated during my uni days! As said above, I run when I have a challenge like a marathon, 10k etc. 

Susan: Kevin, who I met through our local pub convinced a number of us to start running together, that’s where my running journey started.


What is your approach to training?

Tom: My personal trainer has kindly written me a plan which I am following. I’m trying to stick to it as closely has possible. 

Susan: Not as stringent as it should be over last two years and I have tried to complete without training properly. I am not making that mistake this year and will be combining cross training, core stability and yoga with my running.

Have you got a goal for the race?

Tom:My main goal is to actually finish and to try and enjoy it. If I can run it around the 4 hour mark I will be delighted.

Susan: As yet not a time goal. My main goal is always to complete having enjoyed and I hope having supported other runners along the way.



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