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Making Tough Choices

Oct 17, 2017 | life updates, Lifestyle, Running | 9 comments

Lululemon navy outfit River Thames

Sometimes being a sensible adult sucks. Like making the decision to bring your packed lunch rather than spend £8 at Pret everyday. Or realising that you can’t take up the awesome blog opportunity because uni work has to take priority. Or paying your tax rather than getting a pair of Valentino Rockstuds for your wedding…

Making the sensible decision is sometimes financially driven or health driven, it can mean prioritising friends and family over yourself, or doing what you need to do rather than what you want to do.

After getting back from my honeymoon, I came to the realisation that I was not in the place I needed to be with a marathon 7 weeks away. Then came the email from university that told me that I was scheduled to have my OSCE (a big practical exam the day before said marathon).

And suddenly the decision to run the Richmond Marathon in November seemed like more pressure than I needed right now. It would mean jumping from 14 mile long runs to a 20 mile long run. It would mean asking to swap my OSCE time to fly to Virginia, and race the following day.

So I’m going to defer my place (if they let me!!)

Lululemon navy outfit River Thames

It was like a weight lifted off me the moment that decision was made (and confirmed both by coach and Tom that I’d made the right one). I’ve shared that my anxiety has been pretty out of control lately and making this decision has helped more than I realised it would. Not only am I not worrying about increasing my mileage so much, the cost of the trip but I can focus on my exam in a couple of weeks without the stress of changing my ‘slot’.

I had resigned myself to the fact that it would be a marathon to survive, one for fun, one to film, try to enjoy and explore a new city. However, right now though honestly, I don’t want that. I want to know that the hours I dedicate to running are to get faster. Personally, there’s a time and place for fun running (don’t get me wrong) but I want to know that my 5am starts are for more than just another marathon medal. They’re for improvements in strength, speed, stamina…

They are to give my everything to my marathon race.

My goal race.

The Tokyo Marathon in February.

It will be my sixth and final marathon major, and getting the Six Star Medal and a PB would be an incredible finish to the big six. After what happened last year (read about it here) I am even more determined to get to the starting line in my best shape ever.

Lululemon navy outfit River Thames

Therefore, I’m spending the money I’m saving by not going on my trip to Virginia on personal training sessions, on regular sports massage, on making sure that I am fit and healthy, to run my best race.

I’m working with Function 360 Physiotherapy in Moorgate, and utilising their expert team to improve my running efficiency (putting into practice the technique I learned last year at The Running School). I’m working with Harvey on Pre-Hab (i.e. working to avoid getting injured rather than just doing these sorts of functional movements once I’m injured). He’s a Rehab and Corrective Exercise Specialist (with a background in rugby so we disagree on a few of the movement names – cat/camel anyone??). His workouts are brutal but even after two weeks, I can feel how much of a difference they are going to make. One of his clients just knocked 11 minutes off their half marathon!

Working with Function 360 physiotherapy

As well as working with Harvey, I’ve been seeing Jordane for physio and dry needling (my favourite, read about how it might help you here) and I’m having sports massages with Leyla – first one on Thursday. My legs and shoulders are more than ready for it.

I recently completed a gait analysis with Jordane – check out the video below for more info plus I promise to post a full blog on the experience, results and subsequent changes 🙂

They’ve been kind enough to give me a code to share with you guys to give you 15% off any treatment at Function 360. Just use the code #F360CW15 

Don’t forget to subscribe to my Youtube channel to stay up to date with my videos – I’m working hard on improving my filming, editing and sharing!




  1. Nicole

    its a tough but sounds like a smart decision. hope it helps you feel calmer. xo

  2. Leslie Ritter

    I had to defer Richmond as well (being an adult sucks!!) good luck with your exam and with training!

  3. Rachael

    Makes sense. I am also doing Tokyo as my goal race after a disastrous Berlin. Good luck!

  4. Mickey Richards

    Being an adult really does suck sometimes! I’ve got a place for Tokyo marathon but I don’t think I’m going to be able to afford to go 🙁 and it’s so annoying they don’t let you defer 🙁
    Good luck with your training – glad you managed to get another space in Tokyo after dropping out this year – sounds like it was a very sensible decision!

    • charlotte

      That happened to me two years ago! Thankfully marrying a pilot is VERY handy with staff travel (the only way I can afford it – also going with my Mum to split hotel costs/asking for Xmas…not that she knows that yet!)

  5. Sophie

    It definitely sounds like you’ve made the right decision. I’ve had to defer a couple of times and it’s never a nice feeling, but it is a relief once the decision is made! Happy running!

  6. Corey @ Learning Patience

    Trust me – you made the right choice. It’s hard and it was really hard to pull out of London last year but when I smashed my Ultra – it made it all worth it. The long game is the important one and you are going to 100% smash Tokyo! (and your exam) xo


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