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Lululemon Sale Haul

Jul 8, 2017 | Kit | 7 comments

Lululemon sale haul

I’m a sucker for Lululemon. Regardless of whether I actually NEED any items or not, I often find myself taking advantage of the cheaper Lulu in the US and picking up a few items.

However, when I saw Bethan had posted about how good the Lululemon UK sale was, I couldn’t help checking it out, and coming away a few pounds poorer.

Lululemon has the most gorgeous kit, great quality fabrics and well cut items, however you do pay a premium for it. Often leggings can come in over £100, whilst tops are near the £60 mark.

Not so in the sale!!!

Lululemon Sale Haul

I bought the above multicoloured tank for under £20 (although they seem to have now sold out). I really like how bright it is and the cut is beautiful over my stomach 🙂 Not too tight but not annoyingly flowy.

Lululemon sale haul

This Squad Goals tank I bought for £24 (reduced from £52) that will work well for gym/yoga and running. It also comes in dark grey that I am seriously considering… Often this style of top doesn’t look great with bigger boobs, but the cut is seriously flattering despite these DD’s.

I clearly love Lulu tanks so much that I also bought this Cool Racer Back tank for £24 (reduced from £42) too. It’s actually sort of grey/white but comes out looking really pretty in pictures. I find their racerback tanks so versatile, useful for any workout, and fits nicely too.

Lululemon sale haul

Lululemon sale haul

Although not on sale, but worth every penny in my opinion are my Lululemon running shorts (worn in the below pic). After wearing the Sole Training Shorts for the Boston Marathon, I have become addicted to longer length tight running shorts, the more pockets the better. Although they’ve pretty much sold out of my beloved Sole shorts, I have found an alternative in the slightly shorter, few pocketed Wunder Short 5inch (worn in the pic above). They only have one pocket at the back but don’t ride up and provide adequate coverage that I don’t feel indecent.

Honestly, the Sole shorts are life changing. I get a lot of questions every time I wear them. Long enough in length for those of us that will never have a thigh gap NOT to chafe, a high waist band that doesn’t ride up and shorts that don’t give you a wedgie 0.2 miles into your run. Oh and maybe I’ve mentioned the pockets – the original Sole shorts have a pocket in the back and one on each leg making it the ideal long run short with space for phone, gels, a GoPro…. (Lululemon if you’re reading this, please make more of these shorts stat.)

Lululemon sale haul

This post is not in any way sponsored by Lululemon, but I do think their products are great. I have leggings that I’ve had for 5 years and worn on a near weekly rotation that still look and feel brand new. My very first pair of Lulu leggings have only just been relegated to running only after an unfortunate incident in front of the mirror at yoga recently.

In summary, if you love Lululemon as much as I do, go check out their ‘Made too much’ page, and if you’ve never tried any of their kit, now might be the chance to take advantage of up to 50% off and give it a try.

All photos taken by Anna Jackson at the Neilson Baia dei Mori beach club, Sardinia. 


  1. Cindy Corliss

    Oh I totally agree about the Sole Running shorts! I wanted to pick up another pair for summer but they are completely out in store and online! I hope they can get some more made ASAP!

  2. Mel

    Honestly I am SO with you on the Sole Training, the style and the leg pockets are amazing – have one pair which I’m using for long runs for my phone and gels but would love more. Please Lululemon, pretty please?!?

  3. Kirsty Watson

    I’m forever eyeing up lululemon kit but never quite sure if I can justify the cost – definitely time to try it out with some sale stuff! How do you find their sizing? It’s so hard to tell when buying online!

  4. activegirlliving

    Ah yes, the yoga incident…! Those shorts sound awesome…next pay check! haha! x

  5. FrankieR

    I really want some Sole Training shorts, hope lululemon restock soon.

  6. siany1

    Che bella! I love Sardegna. 🙂

  7. Paul

    Enjoyed having a catchup on your blog today Charlie. Lovely photos too!


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