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Loving Lately August 2016

Aug 27, 2016 | Lifestyle | 10 comments

I haven’t checked in for a while with a lifestyle post, so here are some aspects of life that I’m currently loving, and some that I’m not loving as much as I thought I would…

Country Life 

I am loving country life; running along the trail near our house, or along the Thames path with Tom, walking in the woods nearby. It’s quieter, friendlier and very welcoming. Although I’m definitely having to get used to the commute into London, if I time it wrong, at the weekend it takes 2+ hours, however on a good day (i.e. 7am) it takes less than 45 mins to Paddington.

Also I’m obsessed with our house – we’re renting a gorgeous 2 bed house with a small garden. I’ll do a mini house tour soon if people might find it interesting! We are sleeping so well, its quiet and dark, unlike London, but could also be to do with our incredible new mattress from Ergoflex – another full review coming soon – and new pillows. Who knew they would make such a difference!

Loving Lately August 2016

Rest & Recovery 

After arriving in Amsterdam last weekend, all Helena and I could think about was a massage – our shoulders were so sore from the hours on the bike. Out walking on Saturday afternoon we walked past a Chinese massage parlour (that was thankfully well outside of the red light district!!) and seemed busy. It was such a welcome 30 minutes of pampering, and we left feeling so much better. In fact we both slept like logs that evening – although the tequilas could also have helped with that.

I was lucky enough to be invited for a massage at Spa & Massage in Chiswick a few weeks ago. It came at a time when my migraines were pretty bad again and I was feeling rather tense (it was right before I had to drive my friend’s wedding cake 3 hours to an island off Essex during rush hour). I booked in for a sports massage as I wanted a firm, full body massage.

I found the atmosphere very relaxing – much better than the usual physio office sports massages than I’m used to, however it wasn’t as firm as I would have liked (despite asking for it to be a bit firmer). Maybe I’m used to being pummelled by the physio. However I really enjoyed my experience, and would love to go back for a full body relaxing massage.

Loving Lately August 2016

Loving Lately August 2016

2XU Compression Leggings 

I was sent a pair of 2XU compression leggings from Style Sportif a few weeks ago, however it has been a little too hot to run in them right now. I’m looking forward to wearing them out when it gets chillier, and for post long-run recovery walks around Henley. Designed and tested by scientists to aid performance, they are breathable yet supportive for your leg muscles allowing them to fire up more efficiently. The graduated compression increases blood flow to help aid recovery.

Warning, there are plenty of items on the Style Sportif website that will make you want to get out your credit card…in particular these metallic leggings and Charli Cohen swimsuit.

Wedding Dress Shopping 

Actually, I’m not loving this. I’ve been to three shops and just haven’t found one where I’m like ‘woohoo this is the one’. I’ve found two that I like, but not that I feel incredible in, that I can fully imagine wearing down the aisle. I keep questioning myself, my choices.

Oh, and yeah I wear sports kit to my appointments…

Loving Lately August 2016

What are you loving at the moment? If you’re married, did you have that eureka moment when wedding dress shopping? Should I just persevere?! 


  1. Leigh-Anne

    Persevere!! Try a style you don’t think you’ll like. I went with my mum and she wanted me to try a big dress, I thought I wanted a Grecian style! I got the big one half way on and couldn’t stop smiling!! It will happen 🙂

  2. sarah@creatingbettertomorrow

    I actually wore my mom’s wedding dress…in some ways it made it sooo easy BUT I didn’t get the experience of fun dress shopping, I say hang tough…you’ll find THAT ONE!

  3. Mandi | No Apathy Allowed

    If you’re up for it, I love seeing home tours! Sounds like your new place is a dream. I am also a fan of rather deep tissue massage but my current massage therapist is more into relaxing massage — I have to keep reminding her to really work out the knots. 🙂

  4. Susie M

    Definitely persevere. I thought I wasn’t going to get that moment but it happened in the 6th shop. The dress looked nothing special on the hanger but amazing on. I had a Cymbeline design from Windsor & Eton Brides – I recommend a visit there, the ladies are lovely and the whole experience was fab. Good luck!

  5. Sarah

    Have you narrowed down which style you like/suits you? Once you’ve done this, trust your consultant to find you something, I’m wearing something that I never in a million years thought u would choose, I think everyone will be shocked when I walk down the aisle! Perserve, once you’ve found the one you won’t be able to stop smiling xx

  6. Tara

    I loved wedding dress shopping! And I hated it, too, because I hated every dress I tried on…at the very last shop, I was trying on the very last dress (which I hated) and then I turned around and saw one more dress in someone else’s fitting room. It was perfect, I cried and I walked down the aisle in it. You’ll find it, just like you found THE ONE. (PS: Those gold shoes you have on with the tights…fierce!)

  7. taplatt

    I got married in April and decided I did not want a traditional white dress. Admittedly, this made it harder, but I knew what sort of shape/cut/length I wanted and did plenty of browsing online first. I ended up getting my dress from Phase Eight and have to say it did feel just right as soon as I put it on: it was comfortable, light, and draped in all the right places. So I guess the more specific you are with what you want (all within budget, of course, which is tricky!), the easier it might be. If you’ve looked at a dress over and over and it keeps niggling you in the back of your mind, go try it on because it just might be the one. I’m sure you’ll find one soon!

  8. Mary

    Persevere. I was really lucky with my dress and it was actually the very first one I tried on, much to the disappointment of my Mum, friends and the lady in the shop! When I first arrived I was given free reign to have a look round and select an armful of dresses to try. I chose just one, and was sent back to find at least five more! That one I chose though was in my size and the first I put on in the fitting room and I just knew it was the one I wanted to wear on the day! I kept everyone else happy by trying on the others too, but they agreed that it was the first one that was my dress! Sorry to hear you aren’t feeling it at the moment, but enjoy the experience and take advantage of all those nibbles and glasses of prosecco that come your way!

  9. Shapin' Up

    Wedding dress shopping when you can’t find “the one” can be stressful! But seriously, don’t worry about it, you’ll find it. I had a few I liked but it took a few more appointments to find one I truly loved. Even so, I wouldn’t say it was an OMG moment, like some people have. So if you don’t immediately know, it’s fine. Just narrow down the styles you like and keep going until you find one you know is YOU. One tip-for each appointment I made sure I had done my hair and makeup. Nothing super fancy, but I wanted to feel good going into the appointments which in general just made me feel better in each dress and gave me a better idea of what I’d look like day-of. Good luck, keep us posted on your search!

  10. The Running Princess

    Definitely persevere. I remember trying on a dress that I liked and would have been perfectly happy with, then trying on a similar style in another shop and it was like one of those movie moments when it’s just you in a spotlight and heavenly music plays. I knew it was the one!
    Try to just enjoy the experience of trying on all those pretty dresses. I had a friend with me and we livened it up by trying on a few absolute horrors just to have a laugh. You’ll find your dress, you’ll look gorgeous and you’ll create happy memories along the way.


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