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Lorna Jane UK

Jul 25, 2013 | Lifestyle | 3 comments

Have you heard of Lorna Jane?

Well, you should have. It’s an Australian women’s sportswear company with some awesome brightly coloured work out wear.

In the past you have only been able to buy their stuff online…until now. This week they launched their first Pop Up shop in London’s Covent Garden, at 1 Shelton Street. Open from 22nd July until 4th August, this little room of goodies is well worth a visit. Plus they’ve organised free run clubs on Saturday’s and Tuesday’s throughout their opening period.

I couldn’t resist trying on a few items when I was there, and here are a few of my favourite pieces.

I could not agree more with the statement on this top, and for £25, I really want one!! A mantra to live by:

Eat Healthy
Exercise Daily
Work Hard
Be Happy
Love Life

Another piece I was instantly drawn to was this lightweight, stripey t-shirt. I think it would be great for a yoga class (ok, not for me as I don’t do yoga, but for people that do) or a pilates class, as well as worn with jeans and a bright bra/top underneath! I’d also like to wear it with her legs… if that’s possible.

Looking forward to cooler weather, although I am most certainly not wishing it away, but I love this striped long sleeve top. It has thumb holes, and a long body, so would be perfect for early morning runs come September or lets face it, probably next week! This one is top of my wish list!

I’m going to be writing more about sports bras soon, as they are arguable the most important piece of running kit a girl can own after her trainers. I loved Lorna Jane’s funky style bras that you’d be proud to show off under your clothing, or on their own- I applaud people brave enough to do that.

If you want to join the Lorna Jane crew for a 5K guided run around London, have a look at here, or rock up on Sat at 9.30am or Tuesday 6.15pm. I’m going to be there on the 30th, so if you’re around, come and say hi! You can follow them on twitter @lornajaneuk

What is your favourite piece from the website? Have you checked out their pop up shop yet?


  1. Anonymous

    Hi, i think you’ll find that Lorna Jane IS a person and the WHOLE brand is inspired by her.

    • Charlie

      thanks for pointing this out! will change my into- should have done a little more research!


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