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London Yoga Studios to Warm You this Winter

Jan 23, 2016 | Uncategorized | 1 comment

ski ram yoga

Lumi Power Yoga

Avoid the Sunday night blues at Lumi’s candlelit Yin class, or opt for a heated Vinyasa flow to fire up your muscles at this West London local. (This is my absolute must-do class each week, and gets booked in on my ClassPass without fail, plus they offer a student discount on drop ins and packages!) 

Fierce Grace

This trendy yet approachable studio is the ideal place for those looking to give hot yoga a try for the first time in 2016. 

Breathe, Bend, Smile

Focusing on movement driven practise, the popular Strala classes are known for being energetic, laid back and open to all.

Stretch London

Offering a safe, fun environment to practise, this family run studio prides itself of dynamic yoga classes that enable you to connect to your body and local community.

I Am Yoga London

This hidden gem in the heart of the city offers hot and warm yoga, smoothies and happiness, what’s not to like?

HotPod Yoga 

These classes are a great introduction to warm yoga, and are suitable for all levels with their friendly, hands on approach to teaching. You’ll leave feeling relaxed, stretched and more than a little sweaty.

Hot Yoga Society 

I’m not a fan of Bikram yoga, it’s too hot, too long and too sweaty in my opinion however loads of people love it and swear by it to keep them injury free. Give it a go before making up your own mind!

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  1. Laura Bell

    Don’t forget Goodvibes – tried lots of places through ClassPass but think they are hard to beat! Frame has some great yoga teachers too xx


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