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I am so excited that the 2012 London Olympics are finally here. It feels like it has been all that anyone in London could talk about for the last few months, and they always seemed so far off. It’s very surreal knowing that we are on day 3 already!

On Tuesday last week, my friend Anna offered me a ticket to go to the Torch Relay party in Ealing after work. I had really wanted to see the torch but wasn’t sure I was going to be able to because of my working hours, so I was thrilled to see that it would be in Ealing at 6.50pm!

I met up with Helena, her boyfriend Tom and her parents, Anna and her Mum at the entrance to the park. I made Helena pose for a photo with me and one of the Olympic Mascots. Still very unsure as 
to what they actually are.

Helena and Tom had kindly picked up some wine and snacks for us to enjoy in the park- wine bags with pouring spouts, great idea!

We managed to grab some flags as people were handing them out and made our way to a good location on the barrier to see the torch go past. For some reason we thought it might be a celeb carrying the torch but, as far as I am aware, it wasn’t.

After the torch sped past us, we sat and enjoyed our drinks and snacks in the sunshine. It was so hot last Tuesday that we were still sweating at 7.30pm. It was pretty attractive.

Getting truly into Olympic spirit, Amanda and I hosted an Olympic themed dinner party to watch the Opening Ceremony on Friday night. I dressed up as the USA and Amanda came as the UK. There was a bit of a poor effort from some attendees so my fancy dress box was raided, and outfits created!

Our food theme for the evening was ‘Best of British’, with a classic gin cocktail (it was actually an American Tom Collins but who’s counting!) Our starter, courtesy of some of the boys, was Yorkshire puddings topped with beef and horseradish. They were delicious, and the star of the night! 

The main, which Amanda and I took care of, was a chicken, leek and butternut squash pie topped with ciabatta. It was pretty good even if I do say so myself!

Pudding was the wonderfully British ‘Eton Mess’ which these lovely girls, Emily and Anna, created. It was delicious and rounded off our meal perfectly. We also had cheese provided by the other boys at about 2am but the less said about that the better!

The general consensus was that the Opening Ceremony was a huge success and made us proud to be British. We particularly loved the Queens James Bond moment, and David Beckham driving the speed boat!

We stayed up watching the Opening Ceremony, singing along to 90’s classics and forcing each other to drink random shots until the early hours. Such a fun evening.


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