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Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas for Runners

Dec 18, 2020 | Kit, Lifestyle | 0 comments

Anyone else as last minute as me? I feel like in years past I’ve had the luxury of nipping out to the shops on the weekend before Christmas to buy all those last-minute purchases however this year, I’ve done most of my shopping online.

Are you still wondering what to put on your Christmas wish list this year (I only sent Tom my wish list yesterday!), or have you got a runner in your life you’re stuck with what to buy for?! To help you out, I’ve put together a few ideas of Christmas presents for runners. From stocking fillers up to a few Definitely-On-The-Nice-List bigger gifts, you should be able to find something for everyone.


The Best Christmas Gifts For Runners

Under £10

Bodyglide mini

It might not sound particularly glam, but forget soap sets, these are the gifts us runners love! This mini Bodyglide is a perfect stocking filler and the tiny size makes it great to chuck in your shorts pocket for any emergency mid-run chafe situations.


Gu Energy Gul Indulgent Selection Pack (x5)

When you’re at the height of marathon training and doing long runs every week, the cost of gels to fuel those hard workouts can really start to ramp up, so getting some in your stocking would be very appreciated! These selection packs of Gu gels are great as they let somebody try a few different flavours. 


Stojo Collapsible Coffee Cup

This is one for the runner commuters especially, or anybody who loves a post-run coffee like me! The Stojo reusable coffee cups collapse down to almost nothing, meaning you can easily stash them in a bag or hydration pack, or I bet it would even fit into those stretchy side pockets that some leggings have. Then you can enjoy your reviving hot drink without any single-use-plastic related guilt.


Under £25

Cook Eat Run (my book!)

Obviously I couldn’t write a gift guide and not include my cookbook for runners! It contains more than 70+ simple recipes for athletes of all levels, from post-run energy fixes to speedy suppers, as well as recipes from elite runners  like Molly Huddle and Kara Goucher. I wanted to provide ideas for meals that work with your lifestyle rather than against it. It’s a no-nonsense guide to fuelling your body sensibly. I really appreciate everyone who has purchased a copy this year, thank you. And would love for you to pick up a copy to share with another runner or athlete in your life! 

£15 (although currently £10.32 on Amazon!) although I’m a big fan of supporting your local book shop

Cook Eat Run - runners recipe book - food for athletes

Stance Run Socks

Good running socks are both a) essential and b) pricey. Is it just me who winces a bit every time I have to splash out £10+ on a pair?! That makes them an ideal gift in my eyes: something you really want, but don’t really like to buy yourself. Plus, is it really Christmas without a pair of socks under the tree? Stance has a great range of different patterns, making them a bit more exciting, and a range of styles depending on the activity/personal preference. 

From £12.99

Epic Runs Of The World Book

Give the gift of inspiration! With the news of the COVID vaccine being rolled out, it feels like it might be safe to start dreaming about travel again. This beautiful book details must-do runs across the world, from big city marathons to remote trail runs and everything in between. There are stunning images of every run talked about as well as a practical guide about how to plan your perfect trip. 


Personalised Marathon Scratch Map

I’m sure lots of runners are feeling frustrated by the races that never got to happen in 2020. Why not help them start getting excited for all the finish lines they’re going to cross in the future with this personalised scratch map? It includes 101 different marathons across the UK – from road races to trail adventures – that they can start plotting to tick off.


Take Eight Botanical Sleep Spray

Sleep is the best recovery tool we have as runners but it’s not always as easy as we’d like to get enough of it. If you’re spending your nights lying in bed awake, mind racing then a sleep spray like this botanical one from Take Eight could help you switch off. It’s made from high quality essential oils and aims to promote a sense of calm to help you unwind and nod off to sleep. I am obsessed with this spray and use it every single night. (also if you’re related to me, you’re probably getting a bottle of this for Christmas!) 



Under £50

Goodr Sunglasses

There’s nothing more annoying than sunglasses sliding off your nose and steaming up when you’re running. Goodr running glasses are built with sports in mind meaning they’re perfect for even the most extreme days outside! They have lots of options with different lenses, depending on the kind of conditions you normally run in, your head size, preferred style, etc –  so something for everyone.

From £25

Tikiboo Christmas Leggings

Do you know somebody who always goes out for a Christmas morning run? Then they probably need a pair of festive running leggings to complete their Christmas wardrobe. Tikiboo have a few different patterns, from the in your face gingerbread men and Christmas dogs prints to a more subtle monochrome festive trees pair. They’re bound to get a few smiles as you run those pre-Christmas lunch miles and can be saved and brought out year after year. They would be great to wear for Christmas Day parkrun when that’s running again! Personally, I prefer Sweaty Betty, Lululemon or New Balance for everyday leggings, but it’s fun to get a novelty pair or two for 


Opti Vinyl Barbell and Dumbbell Set 

Lots of us have gotten more into working out from home this year and I’ve seen some hilarious improvising going on on Instagram, from people goblet squatting with their cats to using the kitchen worktop as a bench. Although gyms are mostly open again now, knowing you can work out in your living room without the added journey time has been a real godsend. Make the operation a bit more pro by buying your workout pal some home weights. This set is great as it’s super customisable, allowing you to put up to 35kg on the barbell and 17.5kg on each dumbbell.


Lazy Girl Running Gift Vouchers 

Imagine if you could give someone a PB for Christmas? Well, you kind of can… or at least you can give them a nudge in the right direction. Running coach Laura from Lazy Girl Running is offering Christmas gift vouchers starting with a Bronze package that includes a 45 minute coaching call and follow-up advice, going up to Gold that includes a full bespoke 16 week training plan. A fab personal gift and the vouchers she posts out are great too (think “Jingle All The Ks” style puns).

From £45

running sneakers

If you want to splash out…

Sweaty Betty Power Gym Leggings

There’s something about a good pair of running tights that just makes you feel better. They might not actually make you run faster, but no more bunching awkwardly or falling down definitely helps I think! The Sweaty Betty Power Gym Leggings come in loads of different patterns and colours, whether you’re a head-to-toe-in-black kinda person who you like to stand out in something bright. They have a handy side pocket to stick your phone in, they’re sweat wicking to keep your drier during sweaty sessions and I find they wash and wear super well compared to cheaper options. I recently purchased the blue tie dye pair and the sparkly blue ones, and am on the waiting list for the green leopard print… 


AfterShokz Air Headphones

Most of the time, noise cancelling is something that we want from our headphones. This isn’t the case when you’re running outdoors though and for safety need to hear what’s going on around you. The AfterShokz headphones sit on top of your ears and use amazing bone-conducting technology to give you great  sound quality while also leaving your ears open to ambient sounds. This means you can listen to your favourite podcast or motivational songs while still listening out for traffic/other people/wild animals (delete as applicable!). 


Garmin Fenix 6

Is there a runner in your life who you really want to show how much you love? Then I really don’t think you can go wrong with the Garmin Fenix 6. You can read all about how much I love this watch in my blog post about it. I wear it everyday, whether I’m running or not, and I think it does everything a runner needs to while looking pretty too. There’s now the solar version too that self-charges using the sun, perfect for long distance runners who need an extra boost between charges! Other features include navigation, built-in music, wrist-base heart rate tracking and so much more. If you’re looking for an option that’s a little less pricey, the Garmin 645 is a great option at £219.99

£599.99 (although John Lewis have it for £439 currently


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