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Trampolining - The Runner Beans

I’ve partnered with Alive! this year to help share their message of ‘nutrition for every age’ with vitamins to support this. Have you seen my first post – Supplements for Runners?

This month I’ve been using the Women’s Energy soft jells and thought the perfect way to showcase this and to ‘jump into spring’ was by going Trampolining … really I’ve just wanted to go for ages!

The Women’s Energy jells contain the full Vitamin B complex to help support normal energy in women, and they taste delicious- orange and berry flavours made with a unique blend of 26 fruits and vegetables. Plus they contain Vitamin D to support bone strength, ideal for a Trampolining workout!

I love this video by Nic’s Nutrition on How to Boost Your Energy if you’re lacking motivation or inspiration to get off the sofa and work out. No matter what your fitness levels are like, I promise you won’t regret finding your local trampolining centre for a bounce.

Alive Trampolining- The Runner beans

First let’s talk about the socks – at Oxygen Freejumping in Acton (my local trampolining centre) you have to buy the special trampolining socks with grips on the base – a little like Barre socks. They were really comfy, but picked up all of the sponge from the foam pit.

I took my niece trampolining with me and she loved it. She’s two and completely fearless – throwing herself around even on the super bouncy trampolines, and straight into the foam pit. It was hilarious! Check out her snazzy leggings!

Trampolining - The Runner Beans

At school, I used to do a load of sports to fill up my time (I was at Boarding school so it was sport or TV), and one of my favourite activities was Trampolining. I took trampolining for 5 years, from 11-16 every Tuesday evening with friends and used to take part in our annual competitions although I’m not sure I was ever that good! Also not sure what I’d done to my wrist in the photos below but I do know that these photos were taken after a Sports Day in Year 8 – wearing my yellow house shirt!

Trampolining aged 12 - The Runner Beans

I was hoping that I would bound onto the Trampoline and it would all come flooding back to me, and I’d be hitting up back somersaults, biranis and front flips… sadly this wasn’t exactly the case, although I did remember a few of the moves. Clearly I’m not as fearless as I once was, my only somersaults this time were into the foam pit!

Trampolining - The Runner Beans

Trampolining - The Runner Beans

Trampolining is growing in popularity here in the UK, with centres like Oxygen Freejumping popping up in many major cities. As well as free jumping time, they also offer trampolining fitness classes, which I need to try soon. There’s Rebounding classes offered at many studios and gyms too. It’s an awesome full body workout;

  • It’s a full cardio workout
  • It works balance and co-ordination
  • It’s low impact (great for runners!)

But most importantly, it’s a lot of fun! It’s the perfect activity for any age and fitness level – definitely one to take your non-fitness friends to, I promise they’ll love it too.

Trampolining - The Runner Bean

Trampolining - The Runner Bean


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