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Aug 28, 2015 | Uncategorized | 3 comments

It’s no secret that I don’t love yoga- except for when it’s outdoors. I do love a rooftop class.

However, as the marathon draws nearer, and my calves and hamstrings get tighter I need something that will aid post-run recovery and stretch out my muscles.

A few months ago, Erin, founder of Jasyoga invited a group of us for a free outdoor yoga for athletes session. The hour long ‘reset’ was the perfect combination of challenging moves and positions that allowed the body to stretch.

Jasyoga aims to help you;

  • Recover – Learn to rest easy so that you can go hard.
  • Prevent injuries – Improve your flexibility and mitigate sport, work, and lifestyle-induced imbalances.
  • Perform – Activate and strengthen your core, key muscles, and sport-specific movements.

I love that as an athlete, Erin gets that some positions are really tough for those of us with tight hip flexors, hamstrings that are prone to cramping, and runners with poor flexibility. The sequences that she puts together are challenging yet effective, and are achievable for all levels of ‘yogi’.

After another great session with Erin and the Brooks team two weeks ago, I really took on board what Erin said about how much more beneficial 10 minutes of resetting yoga a day is compared to one weekly yoga class to compliment my marathon training.

Jas Yoga

I’ve signed up to her online videos for $4.99 a month, and have already put them to good use in Tom’s kitchen in Belfast. After a sluggish 3 mile run, I felt like my body needed a little TLC, so I bought some ice, a foam roller and completed one of Erin’s 30 minute ‘Full Body Reset’ videos.

Jas YOga

The moves weren’t technical or difficult, however they really worked. I heard my back cracking and my muscles responding to the slow movements and positions held for longer than normal. Now I just need to find that extra 10 mins a day and to make this a priority!

Erin has just launched a 5 week online programme for runners, specifically those training for a marathon – talk about perfect timing! The five weeks are designed to help you ‘make the most out of your mileage’. Each week will have a theme ;

  • Week 1 — Build Your Foundation
  • Week 2 — Run Stronger
  • Week 3 — Run Healthier
  • Week 4 — Embrace the Taper
  • Week 5 — Get Your Race Face On

You can get involved by following the Jasyoga blogs, signing up to the newsletter and by subscribing to the videos. Plus you can follow the #jasyoga262. Find out more here. And check out my friend Laura looking like a super serious marathoner!

Even if you’re not marathon training, and just a keen runner, this is a really fun challenge that will help all levels and abilities. Let me know if you’re signing up too- I think all athletes could benefit from hitting reset every now and then!

Jas Yoga


  1. Mary

    I have such poor flexibility, caused mainly by running. One of my ‘back to school’ resolutions is to spend 15 minutes each morning doing some strength and stretching activities to try and supple up a little.
    On a side note, I really like Laura’s 26.2 top in those pictures!

  2. Jess

    Hi Charlie,

    I’ve been meaning to sign up for her online yoga lessons but just haven’t got round to it. I love that it’s focused towards runners as I really want my yoga to compliment my running rather than learning how to do crazy inversions… I must admit that I’m not running too much at the mo but I’m serious need of a good stretch after discovering body pump!! x


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