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Introducing: Icebreaker

Jan 5, 2016 | Kit, Running | 11 comments

Introducing Icebreaker

Allow me to let you into a bit of a secret. I was sent some Icebreaker kit to test out in December, and although I tested the kit out a few weeks ago, when I put the outfit on to take these pics I noticed how much the Christmas fun had gone to my waistline.

We took a number of photos in this outfit, and I rejected most of them.

As a fitness blogger there’s a lot of pressure to look good, fit, toned in all photos. Sadly that definitely isn’t always the case for me, especially after the December excess. It is definitely a bit of a push in the right direction to start half marathon training, and get booking on my ClassPass app.

Icebreaker fitness clothes

But on to the clothes.

Icebreaker, a New Zealand brand, was developed in 1994 by Jeremy Moon using Merino wool. In fact, my friend Leah used to work for the company, and her husband works for them now!


The clothing is developed with functionality at the heart of things, ensuring that it enables maximum mobility, temperature regulating and sweat management.

A lot of the clothing is designed for walking, and hiking (it’s all very outdoorsy in New Zealand!) including shirts, gilets, jackets and a range of base layers. They are also developing their running and fitness ranges, yoga, hunting/fishing and lifestyle gear.

It might seem odd to be working out in wool (think big woollen itchy Christmas jumpers), but actually merino wool derives from an ancient breed of alpine sheep, with a superfine, highly breathable fleece protecting them from the diverse New Zealand weather conditions, from freezing cold to scorching hot. It’s lightweight, so ideal for layering or packing an extra top in your backpack. For more info on why wool is a perfect material for fitness gear, check out this Forbes article. 


I tested out the Chase Headband, the Zone Long Sleeve Half Zip  top and the Swift Pants. I don’t usually wear tapered trousers (OK, let’s just call them bootleg trousers) anymore and pretty much all of my trousers are leggings or skinny jeans, but I found them really comfortable and a flattering with both hiking boots and trainers. Plus, and obviously more important than looks, is their functionality, and wow were they warm. It was raining and really chilly during this shoot and I felt protected from the elements in my merino. I do slightly wish I had a pair of these leggings though!

I also got my hands on a pair of their famous hiking socks. The circulation in my feet is terrible so I’m always after a decent pair of walking or skiing socks and excited to really test these out in the Alps in March.


Icebreaker kit isn’t cheap, but the quality is unbeatable and will last and last – just check out how many pics you can spot Leah‘s Icebreaker zip up in over the years on her blog!!

Photos taken by Will Patrick


  1. Rebecca

    It’s so refreshing to hear people in the health and fitness industry speaking honestly and openly about the pressures and expectations that we must look a certain way. Thank you for your share. X

  2. Zoe at Splodz Blogz

    I love Icebreaker for hiking, the merino wool is a great material and it’s not as expensive as some brands. And as for the Christmas fun and your belly, I honestly don’t see it, but I’m sure classpass and some running will see you happier when you look at yourself in no time x

  3. Mrs B

    A friend of mine lent me his icebreaker top at track the other week. oh my! You’re right, they are so good. I made it a late addition to my Christmas list be sadly it didn’t quite make it in time for Santa to action 😉

  4. sweetsonpoint

    I love this brand…I have a tshirt from them that can be worn so many ways. Yoga, running, work. It’s so soft and versatile! And please, you look fantastic! 🙂 Happy new year!

  5. fionajarrett

    Looks like nice gear and I love the blue. Didn’t know that about merino wool but it makes sense now 🙂

  6. Organic Runner Mom

    I love the colors of the top! Icebreaker makes such great wool products! Great review!

    • charlotte

      Thanks so much!!

  7. Leah

    You finally caved after HOW many years of me telling you it was the best EVER? Now get yourself some running socks and never look back. Guess what I got for Christmas 😉

    • charlotte

      Haha I know! Look forward to stocking up when we visit!


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