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Last night, Steve and I did a really quick, really intense circuit concentrating on our legs. I had found a similar circuit online and had cut it down to make it more manageable, however after the first set we had to cut it down even more as we were both dripping in sweat and totally exhausted!
Leg Circuit
50 Star Jumps
20 squats (with 15kg weights- this was dropped for the 3rd set!)
20 squat jumps
20 alternating lunges (with 15kg weights- dropped for 3rd set!)
15 burpees
25 push ups (I did the girly ones)
20 mountain climbers
15 sit ups on an exercise ball
Repeat 3 times
I nearly fell down the stairs at the cinema after the gym, my legs felt like jelly. I also officially signed up to the gym yesterday (up to now I have been using guest passes, thanks Steve!), and I could not believe how expensive it is! I hate having to spend so much money to stay fit, but when it is so dark outside I can’t do much else in the evening.

On another note, I have done a guest post for the MIND blog about Vic, running the marathon and raising money for MIND! See it here Just a reminder that you can sponsor me for the marathon here or for the Bath Half (also for MIND) here– all donations are very much appreciated!


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