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Why I Work With Professional Photographers on my Blog and Instagram

Jun 9, 2016 | life updates | 12 comments

As part of my month of blogging in June, I thought it might be fun to share a little more on the blogging side of things. I’ve got some other posts planned about working with brands, blogger trips and tips but please feel free to leave requests for topics or questions in the comments below. 

If you’ve been following my blog and instgram for longer than 6 months you’ll have noticed that I’ve credited a few of the pics to people that are not my Mum. Before January, almost all of my photos were taken by my Mum, friends or by propping up my phone (except for some shoots that I did in NYC).

Working with a professional photographer as a blogger

In the first week of January, on a rather wet, cold day, I had my first ‘photoshoot’, with Will Patrick, a friend of a friend and budding photographer. I was nervous, awkward and not entirely sure of the style of photos that I wanted.

I had a couple of outfits that I wanted photos of, including one from Icebreaker for review. I loved the pics (OK, I edited out a lot of photos where I look incredibly awkward). I posted them on my Instagram and blog and got a great response, so I arranged another shoot for some collaboration blog posts.

I had about 5K instagram followers in October before my first shoots with some NYC photographers, by Jan I was on 10K and noticing an increase in followers and engagement especially on the better quality photos.

casual clothes with New Balance Trainers

I was also getting more interest from brands for Instagram posts and blog collaborations, including my current partnership with New Balance. The photos are better than the ones that I could take of myself, and I don’t feel as embarrassed as I do asking friends and strangers to take the pics. My Mum is a great photographer, but definitely more of a hobby photographer than professional (sadly Tom’s skills and patience are limited when it comes to blog photography).

Working with photographers is not cheap. I believe that photographers deserve to be paid (some charge a lot, some charge a little, some that are just starting may also work in exchange for exposure), so would wait until I had a commission for a sponsored post to pay for the photos.

working with  a photographer as a blogger

I was lucky enough to work with Lorraine at C More Photography on an mutual promotion basis as one of her first blogger shoots. We shot in South London, around Oval, in the local park, coffee shop and high street to capture images to go with some blog posts I had planned about studying. I love how the pictures turned out – they are very different to my usual running action shots, and I got to wear a dress for once (although I still wore trainers, obvs).

These photos made me realise I’d love to work more with photographers for designated posts that aren’t necessarily just running or kit focused.

I’m careful to include a mixture of professional shots, my photos and iPhone photography on my instagram – partly because it’s a necessity when you don’t have a live-in photographer following you round all day (Rosie Londoner, I live in awe) and partly because my Instagram is real. It is not overly preened selfies, or completely staged shoots, it is real workouts, run selfies and post-race medal shots. It is not overly curated, there isn’t one filter throughout or colour combination – although I know these apparently are key to a massive Instagram following. My favourite Instagrammers take pics when they can, showcasing their life, workouts, kit etc.

working with  a photographer as a blogger

The reason I do work with photographers then, if I love this ‘real life’ instagram, is because of the quality of the images, especially when showcasing kit. In particular I think the images really make a difference on my blog. I read a lot of blogs, and the non-fitness ones that I come back to time and again are the ones with awesome imagery.

I read fashion and beauty blogs that have incredible pics, something that you only see in a handful of fitness/running blogs. Faya at Fitness on Toast kills it – helped by the fact that her husband is amazing behind the camera, as does Carly Rowena and Cat Meffan.

I’m pretty terrible on Pinterest, something that I’m keen to work on. Images are paramount on Pinterest, and having impressive pictures to pin will make your blog more shareable and increase readership. I’ve just started using a new programme to help improve my Pinterest although I’m yet to see a huge gain in followers or readers from it!


working with  a photographer as a blogger

I certainly can’t afford to work with a professional on the regular, although I know a lot of US bloggers than only have photos taken by professionals. For now, a decent camera, and a willing friend will mostly have to do, with the odd professional shoot thrown in there!

If you’re a blogger thinking about working with a professional, I’d highly recommend doing your research into the style of pics you want, rate, number of images, number of locations and outfits before signing up. Please feel free to email me at if you have any further questions or Lorraine is very willing to hear from you if you want to book a shoot with her  – contact her here.

P.S apologies for the lack of post yesterday (I’ve failed on day 8 of everyday June, a day of travel and very delayed flight meant I couldn’t post!) so there will be two today!!


  1. Elle @ keep it simpElle

    Thanks for sharing this! I’d been interested to know how you plan what you post / if you plan / what you use to keep track of everything – do you use a spreadsheet or planner or something else?! If I have already missed you covering this then just gimme the link to the post! lol 😉 x

  2. Lauren

    Your photos are lovely. I’d love to know what phone or camera you have too!

  3. Chiswick mum

    Lovely pics. Don’t apologise; you are aiming for the moon and reaching the stars. Xx

  4. Corey @ Learning Patience

    I love the open mouth pic…we must get something on the books asap girlie…Ill be so tan when I get back from Lisbon…you were right – LOVE it…its been almost 90F every single day…and go’s Portugal day this weekend..HUGE holiday! crazy fun! xox

  5. Natasha

    Agreed! I am trying to get he balance of pro and candid shots too, but having more pro photos helped me get the sweaty betty ambassador role! Your photos are always fab, I’d love more growth on my instagram!
    Natasha |

  6. Mary

    Thanks for sharing this. Your professional pictures look fab and not overly posed, which I think is always important when including professional images. Slightly different, but the favourite photos from my wedding day are the ones which appear more natural – I hate all of the ‘posed’ pictures from the day!

    • C More Vision Photography

      Hey Mary you got my style exactly right…Not too poses. I always do prefer capturing more lifestyle & natural portraits.

  7. C More Vision Photography

    Hey Mary you got my style exactly right…Not too poses. I always do prefer capturing more lifestyle & natural portraits.

  8. C More Vision Photography

    You were a delight to work with! And love that are vision for this shoot came together perfectly and with the different environments we found in Kennington/Oval. Great piece you’ve written here, I’m so glad I can be of help to you. I Look forward to our next shoot together. X

  9. Rebecca

    Your pictures are beautiful, the photographers you’ve worked with are very talented but I do like how you mix it up and still include snaps from your iPhone which makes you seem more “real” and gives me a sense of, if I train like you then I can be like you. Sometimes I read blogs and the person seems so distant, like their lifestyle is almost unachievable?

  10. Scott Craig

    Very pleasing story, I agree with you. It’s better to hire professional photographer and be satisfied professionally with quality results.


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