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I Ran parkrun the Morning of My Wedding!

Sep 16, 2017 | life updates, Lifestyle, Running | 5 comments

Bridal party running outfits - Sarah Marie Designs

‘You’re bonkers’ – a phrase I heard more than once whilst completing the two lap Cranleigh park run on Saturday morning, just hours before my wedding. Heard equally as often was ‘Good Luck’ and ‘Congratulations’ from fellow runners, race marshals and spectators.

I had always planned on running the morning of my wedding. I knew that not only would it calm my nerves, give me something else to focus on for a while, but it would be some time spent with bridesmaids before the hectic hair and makeup routines started. Oh and tick off a training run on my Richmond Marathon plan.

However, it was actually my Mum and Godmother, Sarah, who suggested that we go to parkrun. Cranleigh parkrun was just 20 minutes away from our rented cottage and not only would it ensure that we wouldn’t get lost on our own route, it also meant that wouldn’t just be my bridesmaids and I donning our trainers, but some of my family and friends too.

My friend Zoe had very appropriately organised for us all to wear the gorgeous Sarah Marie Designs tanks that read ‘Run all the Miles, Drink all the Champagne’ as well as personalised trucker caps, and my Mum’s friend Fiona brought a veil. At the last minute I decided against wearing my new white Nike IDs with gold swoosh for fear of ruining them…probably a good idea!

Bridal party running outfits - Sarah Marie Designs

Fiona had completed the course the week before to do a recce, and clearly had a word with the race director, who introduced us all to the other runners in the welcome speech and even mentioned my blog- perhaps as if to explain my mad decision!

Bridal party running outfits - Sarah Marie Designs

Bridal party running outfits - Sarah Marie Designs

The plan…get round together and not hurt myself. A little tricky when there are rabbit holes and sharp, slippery turns to navigate but we succeeded. Albeit slowly. The last thing I wanted to was hobble down the aisle or to turn up with bruises and grazes.

My Mum and Uncle cheered us on and took photos as we ran in a pack, took Instagram videos of each other and generally laughed our way through the course, despite the rather large hill we had to conquer…twice. We’re not the same pace as each other – but as a few of us pulled away I made the decision that I wanted us to all run together and finish together.

Bridal party running outfits - Sarah Marie Designs

However, my competitive nature took over as we rounded the final bend and I could hear people cheering us on (and I could hear my uncle heckling for someone to beat the bride!) Not wanting to be beaten by my bridesmaids I made a dash for the finish line. Apparently I was second female in my age group… and certainly the first bride they’ve had at the Cranleigh parkrun.

My cousin Lucy had decided to do only the first lap, and went off to do the coffee run so we all jumped into the car as soon as we finished to get back to the cottages. I’m not sure Tim, my hairdresser, was overly impressed when I arrived back sweaty and with hat hair.

Bridal party running outfits - Sarah Marie Designs

Bridal party running outfits - Sarah Marie Designs

The morning was really stress free – surprisingly (must have been the run and endorphins!) and we sipped coffee, Mimosas and plenty of water as we all had our hair and make up done at the cottage. It was a bit of a full house with the photographers, videographer, hair and make up etc so it was lovely to be able to sit in the sitting room, slightly away from the chaos, and have the girls drift in and out to chat to me while Tim worked on my hair. Love the Bride to Be shirt they bought me to wear. The girls did some last minute wedmin after I decided I wanted ribbons wrapped around the order of service!

Bridal party running outfits - Sarah Marie Designs

I’m going to do more of a wedding recap when the official photos are back from the photographer, check back tomorrow for a sneak peak and some pics my friends took!

P.S sorry I’ve been MIA – I’ve been enjoying my honeymoon, or trying to as I deal with some pretty crushing anxiety attacks and a lot of jet lag. The time difference between the UK and Hawaii is 11 hours. Keep following along my Instagram and Insta stories to stay updated on what we’re up to!


  1. Jan

    Sounds like a truly fabulous day, I totally get the run before big event & the tanks look lovely.

  2. Lindsay

    Sounds like the perfect way to start your wedding day! 🙂

  3. Ruth

    Sounds amazing 🙂 congratulations x

  4. Katie Louise Halsall

    It is bonkers, but in a totally amazing way haha! I’d love to do a park run on the morning of my wedding, sounds like great fun. Especially with family/friends doing it too!


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